Is Insulin Resistance a Depression Recipe?

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Thursday, September 23, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Insulin resistance Can more than double the chance of developing Major depressionEven if you haven’t developed it in earnest Diabetes mellitus, New research report.

Initially healthy people who developed later Prediabetes 2.6 times more likely to go down in majors depression According to the survey results, during the 9-year follow-up period.

“NS InsulinResistant people had 2-3 times faster development depression“Stanford University postdoctoral fellow Kathleen Watson said.

In previous studies Insulin resistance When depression, But this is the people who developed it Insulin Resistance was likely to be depression Later, Watson said.

Troublesome news for a major segment of Americans at increased risk Diabetes mellitus..

About 1 in 3 adults in the United States (more than 88 million) Prediabetes, Insulin resistance and the presence of blood sugar Levels are rising, but there is still time to avoid development Type 2 diabetes, According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention..

For research-published on September 23 American Journal of Psychiatry Watson and her colleagues analyzed data on more than 600 participants in a long-term study in the Netherlands. depression When anxiety..People with an average age of 41 have never been bothered depression Also anxiety When they entered the study.

Regular physical examinations allowed researchers to track three measurements of insulin resistance (fasting blood). sugar Level, waist circumference, and their ratio Triglyceride well” HDL cholesterol.. Participants also underwent regular psychological assessments.

NS human body Relies on insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, to convert blood sugar For energy.If your blood sugar If the levels remain high, cells may not be able to use insulin to convert sugar into energy. That is insulin resistance.

Eventually, the body reaches a turning point where insulin resistance is so strong that it loses its ability to lower blood sugar levels without the use of drugs.That’s when a person is diagnosed Type 2 diabetes..

Participants in this study found that as insulin resistance increased over time, depression, Researchers have discovered:

  • Increase of all units from triglyceride to-HDL The ratio was linked to an increase of 89% depression..
  • Every 2 inches increase Tummy fat Was associated with an 11% higher rate depression..
  • Every 18 milligrams of fasting blood glucose increase per deciliter led to a 37% higher depression rate.

Observing this evolution over time is considered a more powerful tool than investigating and determining the number of many people who are insulin resistant. depressionDr. Timothy Sullivan, Chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City, said. He was not involved in the study.


______________ is another term for type 2 diabetes.
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Watson and Sullivan said there are several ways insulin resistance can promote depression.

Insulin resistance causes inflammation, and the biochemicals released during inflammation can have some effect on the chemistry of the brain.

“Most people will agree that there is growing evidence and interest in the role of inflammation in the development of depression,” Sullivan said. “It’s a topic that’s still being researched.”

Insulin itself can affect brain health, and resistance to hormones can be upset, Watson said.

For example, some receptors in the brain that respond to insulin also interact with cortisol, the “fight or flight”. stress Hormone, Watson said.

Another possibility is that insulin resistance and depression share many common lifestyle risk factors, Sullivan said-overweight, deficiency. exercise And unhealthy habits.

The results of these studies increase the likelihood of developing depression, especially due to metabolism, Watson said.

People with prediabetes can help prevent both Diabetes mellitus Watson and Sullivan described depression as a result of taking steps to lower blood sugar levels.Correct diet, exercise, reduction of intake alcohol All sugar helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

“This is for a lot of people, so I hope we can get more specific answers in the future, right?” Watson said. “If you know that someone is at risk in this particular population, you need to know if you can prevent the onset of depression. They are insulin resistant and have depression. What can we do if we know that we are at high risk of developing it? ”

For more information

National Institutes of Health Insulin resistance and prediabetes..

Source: Dr. Kathleen Watson, Researcher Postok, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; Dr. Timothy Sullivan, MD, Chair, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Staten Island University Hospital, New York City. American Journal of Psychiatry, September 23, 2021

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Is Insulin Resistance a Depression Recipe?

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