Iron deficiency can increase the risk of stroke

Thursday, February 20, 2014 (HealthDay News)-Low iron levels, stroke New research shows by making your blood more sticky.

Researchers examined data from nearly 500 people with rare hereditary disorders. lung.. Normal, lung Keep blood clots out of the arteries. However, in these patients, blood clots escape from the lungs and migrate to the brain, stroke..

Who had Iron deficiency There are sticky platelets (small blood cells that cause coagulation when they stick to each other), strokeAccording to researchers at Imperial College London, UK

Even people with moderately low iron levels were about twice as likely to suffer. stroke According to a study published in the journal on February 19, it has an iron level in the middle of the normal range. PLoS One..

Researchers have pointed out that many people have other types of conditions Blood clot Bypassing the lung filtering system, they added that their findings could ultimately help. Stroke prevention..

Iron deficiency It affects about 2 billion people worldwide, and recent studies have shown that stroke, But how Iron deficiency Can be boosted stroke The risk was unknown.

“If you’re deficient in iron, the platelets in your blood will stick more together, so I think you can explain why the deficiency of iron is the cause. strokeMore research is needed to prove this link, “said Dr. Claire Shoblin of National. heart Said the Lung Institute at Imperial College London in a university news release.

“The next step is to test whether high-risk patients can reduce their chances of developing the disease. stroke By treating their iron deficiency. You can see if the platelets are less sticky. “

“It’s still unclear how important sticky platelets are to the whole process, as there are more steps from a blood clot blocking a blood vessel to the onset of a final stroke,” she added. “We will certainly encourage more research to investigate this link.”

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Imperial College London, News Release, February 19, 2014

Iron deficiency can increase the risk of stroke

Source link Iron deficiency can increase the risk of stroke

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