Ioan Gruffudd accused ex-wife Alice Evans of ghosts

The spouse split earlier this year (Photo: Albert E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

Alice Evans accused her divorced husband, Ioan Gruffudd, of being a “ghost” for ten months after filing a divorce application.

The 50-year-old actress announced the actor in January 48-year-old Griffiz “leaves his family” After marrying Evans for 13 years.

Evans, a 102-Dalmatian star, used Twitter to share time emails with children from Wales stars, and she “did not talk to my husband for nine months (his choice).” Insisted.

Evans, who shares her daughters Ella (12) and Elsie (8) with her ex-tweet, tweeted: But be aware that it was a desperate act, not a calculated move. That is all that the human mind can take. And I’ve lived alone in a pandemic for nine months like this.

“I still don’t know why the love of my life and my best friend suddenly ended our marriage and then decided to make me a ghost. My reaction to his first announcement is by no means. I know it was neither calm nor dignified.

“I did a fair amount of crying, screaming, and blaming. I begged and begged for at least some kind of ongoing discussion for the children. , My way of responding to such life-changing events.

“So he made me a ghost. I’ve been a ghost for almost 10 months now.”

Evans claimed she was a “ghost” by her source (Photo: Twitter)

In a reply to his followers, Evans claimed that Griffith was “lacking empathy” and tweeted: “He was my best friend, my lover, my brother, the one I respected more than anyone else. was.

“I understand that his feelings have changed. What I don’t understand is why he chose to do it in such an unpleasant way.

She added: He was 80% away from our children’s lives, but I was so invested in him that I could give up my acting career.

“Then, a year ago, he returned from New Zealand and almost at the door he told me,” I don’t love you anymore. ” “

The liar star Griffith has not yet spoken about the split with his wife, banning a statement shared by both parties last January. Thank you for respecting our privacy. “

Griffith filed for divorce from his wife in March. He cites irreconcilable differences as the reason behind their division.

The actors have been together for 20 years (Photo: Niviere / Villard / Sipa / REX)

The document, filed with the Los Angeles High Court on March 1, revealed that the former couple had separated on New Year’s Day. This was a month before Evans announced the split.

When Evans was engaged to Pablo Picasso’s great-grandson Olivier Picasso, the pair met in the 2000 movie 102 Dalmatian set.

After the actress split from Picasso, Evans began dating Griffith, and in 2007, after Griffiz was given an “ultimatum,” they tied a knot in Mexico.

The Fantastic Four actor told Independent:

“She gave me an ultimatum-a gentle nudge-that was the best she could really do.”

Metro.co.uk is seeking comments from Gruffudd representatives.

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Ioan Gruffudd accused ex-wife Alice Evans of ghosts

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