Insurance companies reveal what New Zealanders are focusing on

Astwick commented on the 2021 results, stating that most of this year’s surplus was due to Southern Cross investment activity. However, there is also continued growth in the membership base, which has contributed to strong results throughout the era of continuous volatility and uncertainty.

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“We are very pleased to share what we have been providing to our members over the past year,” said Astwick. “We have announced a strong surplus of $ 53 million, which includes a positive operating surplus, primarily due to our reserve investment.”

“87% (87%) of membership premiums were paid for over 3 million claims, which is a market-leading number and results in high membership satisfaction with a net promoter score of 54.7%. Recorded, “he explained.

“What we are aware of is that more New Zealanders are valued most importantly. It is their health and well-being. They are when an unexpected event occurs. , Seeking assurance that they will be covered and cared for. This is an important role Southern Cross plays for them. “

Astowick also said that the increase in membership has led Southern Cross to roll out several new medical initiatives such as CareHQ and Cancer Cover Plus.

CareHQ is a virtual GP consultation service created in partnership with ProCare, launched in late 2020 with the goal of making health care more convenient and accessible to members. According to the Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report 2020, 4 out of 10 kiwis took more than two days to seek treatment when they felt sick, and worried that 10% had no care at all. bottom.

Investing in such virtual medical services can remove barriers such as lack of time, uncertainties about who to go to, and medical professionals not being easily accessible, Astowick said. The patient stated that he responded positively to the ease of use of CareHQ.

Southern Cross also launched Cancer Cover Plus benefits in November 2020. It aims to provide members with more options for chemotherapy and access to drugs not funded by Pharmac.

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Astwick pointed out that members are concerned about the affordability of non-pharmaceutical treatments, and extensive research has been conducted to provide “reasonable benefits without undue insurance for members.”

“We are very pleased to partner with ProCare to launch two new innovations last year. Virtual health counseling service CareHQ and a new health insurance policy upgrade option that members said are very important to us. “Cancer Cover Plus,” said Astwick.

“Our members wanted to provide cancer coverage at an affordable price. They wanted the combined benefits of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals, and of existing radiation and chemotherapy. We wanted to offer an option to work with the benefits. We have adjusted Cancer Cover Plus based on this feedback. “

“For us, the focus of New Zealanders on happiness means we are growing,” he added.

“Last year, we welcomed more than 85,000 net new members to Southern Cross, which means that our membership has increased for the fifth consecutive year. Overall, this has made the Southern Cross Health Society now and You will be in a strong position to take care of future New Zealanders.

“My team and I serve the members here. We are with them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for being with us.”

Insurance companies reveal what New Zealanders are focusing on

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