Instead of a tie, think about a healthy gift and gratitude for Father’s Day

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (USA heart Association News)-This year of social distance and economic uncertainty, Dad probably doesn’t need a new tie on Father’s Day. Instead, it may be time to mark the opportunity with creativity – and push a little towards a healthy direction.

Dr. Elliott Davidson, Medical Director of the Akron Family Medicine Center, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, said: “Sometimes a gift can do that.”

Adam Busttil, the founder and host of The Dad Experience podcast and the father of two young daughters, is more focused on events and experiences than the suggestions he saw on television.

“Most of what’s sold to dads is about beer drinking and barbecue,” he said. “It’s okay to break the norm.”

Now let’s move towards creativity, a memorable experience, and a healthy push for Father’s Day 2020.

Think Fitness.. “Everything from Fitness Davidson, the father of the four, said, “Once you have a tracker to wear hiking shoes, a fine water bottle, and access to a music subscription service, go for a walk with your dad. Let’s do it. “”

There are many sciences that establish health Benefits of exercise, Especially outdoors. According to a 2019 Scientific Reports survey of about 20,000 British people, those who spend more than two hours a week in nature are far more likely to report health and well-being than those who don’t. understood.

Think of your memories. In a podcast, Busuttil, a high school band director in Warren, Michigan, encouraged people to record their favorite stories about their father in audio or video and sing his favorite songs.

“It makes a lot of sense and can be memorable,” he said. “My wife put together a one-year video of her and her kids, one of the best I’ve ever received. It’s like a time capsule.”

Think of dating. “Pets may be a consideration for older fathers living alone,” said Davidson. “Of course, you need to make sure they’re in favor of it. It’s not like I’m just gushing at someone, but I’ve seen patients who are very lonely and under-profitable. Ta motion, And giving them the right dogs was a tremendous boost. “

Many studies have linked dog ownership to health benefits. motion,under blood pressure And reduction stress..Meta-analysis published in the United States heart The 2019 Association Journal Circulation surveyed 10 studies over 70 years with approximately 4 million participants. During the course of the study, dog owners concluded that they had a 24% lower risk of death from any cause than their petless companions.

If you can’t keep a pet, Davidson says the bird feeder outside the window can rejuvenate or use a device with a voice assistant. “There are older patients who just enjoy something that can say good morning and good night, provide information and music, and help with exercise.”

Think of a healthy diet. According to Davidson, having a nutritious breakfast in bed is just the beginning.

“If you want to change someone’s habits in a healthy way, it won’t help one day,” he said. “Give him a flashy blender so he can make smoothies. If he likes fried foods, you can reduce the oil with an air fryer. Even a special chef’s knife can easily cut vegetables. can do.”

Think about the time together. For both dads, the material gift of Father’s Day is less important than gratitude for the time and opportunity spent with the family.

Busttil’s eldest daughter, Nora, is currently 3 1/2, Congenital heart disease.. She is healthy and active after surgery to repair a hole in the heart.

“We’ve moved away from the idea that we have to buy gifts to make Father’s Day,” Busuttil said. “For me, I remember what it took to get there and understand what it means to have a child and be with me.”

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Instead of a tie, think about a healthy gift and gratitude for Father’s Day

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