Inspiring selection from Orbital celebrating its 30th anniversary

ELECTRONIC Legend Orbital celebrates its 30th anniversary on June 27th with a special DJ set in Life In The Park.


Phil and Paul Hurtnor

Thirty years after the chime was released, thirty years after the rave and thirty years after the orbital party, Phil and Paul Hurtnold brothers decked with fellow DJs Justin Robertson and Steve McQueen in Brighton’s basketball shoes. Head to.

A pioneer of electronic dance music from Sevenoaks, England, named after Greater London’s M25 orbital highway, which was the center of the early rave scene and party network in the early southeastern part of the acid house. It is one of the biggest names in British electronic music and is especially known for its live improvisations during the show. This is unusual among techno acts. Orbital has been critically and commercially successful and is ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary and solidify its position as an icon of the scene.Th It’s an anniversary, but we’re looking forward to an exciting future of new music and opportunities as well.


Life in the Park will start on June 20th and will feature eight specially selected events in partnership with Cream, Garden Project, Renaissance, BMC and Take x Other World, each of which can accommodate 2000 people. , Orbital, Jamie and other world-class DJs. Jones, Maceo Plex, Denis Sulta, Nightmares On Wax, Crazy P, Cinthie, Sally C, Cassy and more.Details and full lineup Here..

To mark Orbital’s striking milestones, we invited young people to speak to us through 10 of their greatest inspirations.

Listen and read what they had to say about the music below.

Philhart Nor’s inspiration

David Bowie-Sound and Vision

“From the’Low’album produced by Brian Eno. I love the whole album, but this track begins to navigate Bowie’s 70’s future planned by the post-punk / new wave and synth-pop revolution. By the way. “

Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express

“This just surprised me when I first heard it. Simplicity and repetition on the control machine. It intrigued me and fits well into any genre of music I want more. I love this too. Certain tracks have inspired the evolution of dance music in different genres such as hip-hop, electro, techno and trance. “

Collision-Brixton’s Gun

“Punk was the first musical movement that fascinated me. Music and attitude. Crash was the punk band that I found most harmonious. They looked more real to me than pistols. This I also liked the track-like punk reggae mashup .. I still feel like punk most of the time! “

Gary Numan-Car

“Punk was a revolution, but post-punk / new wave music and bands were almost better than the original ’76 -77. Numan was clearly influenced by Bowie’s low album, but he This track nailed Britain’s first synth pop # 1. “

Cabaret Voltaire-Nagne Gnag

“What was happening in Shefield in the late 70’s and early 80’s was real inspiration. They were basically synth-loving punks as much as guitar. Cabaret Voltaire was the most edgy to me. A working scene band, this is their best early band. Track before they throw away their guitars altogether and fill up with electronics. “

Paul Hurt Gnoll Inspiration

Archies-Sugar Sugar

“This was the earliest music I remember and I loved it. When I heard it in a different way than any other music, the whole visual color display in my head It started. I remember hearing it on the radio while riding. My mom pulls the vacuum cleaner, so I must have been about a year and a half. “

Desmond Dekker-Israeli

“Mick and Ray were real music collectors. They had a lot of Trojan reggae. We grew up listening to all these great tracks at family parties! This track is mine. It has to be one of my favorite songs so far, and the mood is always me. “


“This was a single that my other brother Gary had. It always arrived at me, but it was only recently that I decided to look into the band and check it properly. It’s my present. It’s one of my favorites! For some time now, they’ve influenced me more than before. I’m a big fan of folk and progressive rock. The Renaissance has the best of both worlds for me. “

Beat-Pierrot’s tears

“I remember hearing this on the radio when I was 12 years old. It blew me out of the water (literally because I was in the bath at the time)! It made me want to” do “music. It was a song. band. Suddenly I lost interest in Action Man and Airfix, so I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. A boy entered the bathroom and a man came out. Yes, I know how it sounds! “

Kraftwerk-Computer World

“If Beat wanted me to write music, Kraftwerk taught me how to do it. Phil already had some albums, but this was the first I bought myself. It turned out to be true for me! “

Inspiring selection from Orbital celebrating its 30th anniversary

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