Injury due to increase in high school lacrosse, research show

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (HealthDay News)-A new study shows that high school lacrosse players are getting more injured not only during the match but also during practice.

The most common injuries are sprain When stock, 22% or more Concussion, Researchers report. They say that a better understanding of why these injuries are occurring can lead to better ways to protect student athletes.

“Concerns about Concussion “We need to learn more about these injuries in both boys and girls lacrosse,” said Dawn Comstock, co-author of the study in a University of Colorado news release. ” She is an associate professor of epidemiology of childhood injury. PreventionEducation and research programs at the Colorado Public Health School.

Over 170,000 high school students play lacrosse. Using data from the Sports-related Injury Monitoring System of the US National High School, researchers at the Colorado Public Health School and the National Children’s Hospital Injury Research Policy Center in Columbus, Ohio, found these athletes from 2008 to 2012. Overall, there were 20 injuries per 10,000 games and exercises.

“Lacrosse is becoming more and more popular across the United States and is a great way for high school students to work,” said the research co-author, Principal Investigator at the Center for Injury Research Policy, The Ohio State University School of Medicine in a news release. Stated. “Still, I get injured in sports every day during the season. Our research shows that we need to do more and do more to prevent these injuries.”

The findings were published online on July 22nd. American Journal of Sports Medicine..

Gender influenced the number and type of injuries suffered by high school lacrosse players, researchers found.

Boys suffered 67% of all injuries and showed an overall higher injury rate than girls.Approximately 36 percent of these injuries sprain When stock And 22 percent were concussion.

Physical contact allowed only in boys’ lacrosse caused 74% of concussion and 41% of injuries.

Nearly 44% of injured girls in high school lacrosse sprain When stock.. Concussion accounted for 23 percent of all injuries the girl suffered. The most common cause of these injuries was foot pivoting. Pulled muscle And contact with the device.

Researchers said 63% of all concussions occurred because the head was hit with a lacrosse stick or ball.In men’s lacrosse athletes are required to wear helmets, but most high school girls teams only require athletes to wear protective gear. glasses When Mouthguard.. Researchers said their findings could fuel a debate about whether all high school lacrosse players should be required to wear helmets.

Researchers have provided coaches and parents with some tips to help reduce the number of lacrosse injuries:

  • Make sure you follow all the rules, especially the rules that limit contact between players.
  • Learn to recognize the symptoms of Concussion..All players you may have Concussion You should stop playback and see a doctor immediately.
  • Make sure all equipment and protective equipment are properly installed.
  • Warm up the player and drink plenty of water to rehydrate before playing games or practice.
  • Get ready. Establish an emergency action plan detailing how sports injuries are treated.

-Mary Elizabeth Dallas

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Source: University of Colorado Denver, News Release, July 22, 2014

Injury due to increase in high school lacrosse, research show

Source link Injury due to increase in high school lacrosse, research show

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