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Well-synchronized with the availability of New Zealand’s first electric Audi RS road car is the parent’s announcement of what could be the hottest and most exclusive member of the new family.

Audi’s recent really big motorsport achievements have ruled out that until recently it was involved in Formula E single-seater electric car racing. From 2000 to 15 years, he participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, won 13 times and became the first winner of the hybrid powertrain.

Prior to that, it was famous for its World Rally and won the championships of two manufacturers and a large fan base in the innovative all-wheel drive quattro during the Group B era of the 1980s. This is a car that has changed the sport forever.

Audi returns to the soil again, but for a different purpose. It wants to conquer the toughest rally of all, the Paris-Dakar (recently running in South America, but don’t worry about it).

The car for work has just been revealed.

RS Q e-tron is clearly a perfect beast. The name suggests a confluence of different flavors found in the showroom: the Audi Q model is about off-road, the RS is Codex for “high performance”, and the e-tron is of course electric.

For models that have just been announced in prototype format, check these boxes. But it also stands out.

Over time, it could impact the engineering and design of showroom products, but don’t expect to buy it as a Uber Garage Mate on the $ 273,500 RS e-tron GT sedan that Audi is starting to offer to Kiwi customers. Please (and allow media containing this title to drive over the next two days).

Because the RS Q e-tron is a 100% Audi Sport product, it is intended for motorsport missions and is still used as a work-only product. (That is, we don’t sell our cars to privateers in time, which is why the late Malcolm Stewart farmer Danne Birke now owns the example of former Hannu Mikkola 1984, owned by New Zealand. ).

Ingolstadt’s Dakar attacker revealed — Motoringnz

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