Indonesian earthquake kills at least 42 people

Under the rubble, authorities warned that a major earthquake struck Sulawesi, Indonesia on Friday (local time), killing at least 42 people, injuring hundreds and increasing the number of earthquakes that could cause a tsunami. Several people were trapped and dozens of aftershocks occurred.

The overview shows the collapsed building of Mamuju
Photo: AFP

Thousands of frightened inhabitants fled their homes to hills when a magnitude 6.2 quake struck 6 km northeast of the town of Magene, only 10 km deep, just before 1:30 am (local time).

The quake and aftershocks not only damaged more than 300 homes and two hotels, but also flattened the hospital and the office of the local governor, officials said. Reuters Some people were trapped under the rubble.

“For now, let’s praise God, but we felt another aftershock,” said 26-year-old Sukri Efendy, who lives in the area.

The country’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency said in a status report Friday evening that as many as 42 people were killed, mainly in Mamuju and the rest in the neighboring area of ​​Majene. More than 820 people were injured.

Increased seismic activity caused three landslides, cut power supplies, and damage to bridges leading to regional hubs such as the city of Makassar. Heavy rains have also exacerbated the condition of those looking for shelter.

No tsunami warning was issued, but Dwikorita Karnawati, head of the Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), said at a press conference that aftershocks could continue and another powerful earthquake could cause the tsunami. Said.

“Strong” aftershocks can occur after an earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia

According to her, there were at least 26 aftershocks, with a magnitude 5.9 quake the day before before the quake on Friday.

Muhammad Ansari Ilyanto, 31, who lives in Mamuju, said everyone panicked and evacuated to nearby hills and mountains.

West Sulawesi, Indonesia-January 15: After a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck West Sulawesi, Indonesia on January 15, 2021, the team will carry out search and rescue operations.Magnitude 6.2 earthquake

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“Mamuju was empty and everyone went to the mountains,” he said. “Many buildings have collapsed and people are afraid of the tsunami.”

Another resident, Syahir Muhammad, said, “It’s raining and I need help.”

A video shared on social media showed residents fleeing to high ground on motorcycles, and a girl trapped under rubble as people tried to move debris by hand. Rescue workers used cutting and lifting devices to release the survivors and find the dead.

President Joko Widodo expressed his condolences to the victims, keeping people calm and urging authorities to step up their search efforts.

Emerging workers are now trying to restore telecommunications and bridge links to secure tents, food and medicine deliveries, according to West Sulawesi government spokesman Safardin.

Approximately 15,000 people have been displaced since the quake, and a coronavirus pandemic could complicate the distribution of aid, disaster agencies say.

Jan Gelfund, head of the Indonesian International Red Cross Federation, said:

In 2018, a catastrophic magnitude 6.2 earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck the city of Pal in Sulawesi, killing thousands.

A magnitude 9.1 earthquake struck north of Sumatra, a tsunami struck Boxing Day 2004, hitting coastal areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and nine other countries, killing more than 230,000 people. did.


Indonesian earthquake kills at least 42 people

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