Ind vs NZ, second test


The left arm spinner “misses home” but is happy to welcome friends and family to play in Wankede

for Ajazz Patel, Life has gone around. When New Zealand last tested in Mumbai, the left arm spinner was a baby only one month old. And when Patel left Mumbai, “The City of Dreams” was eight years old, and when he returned to play the test here, it might not have been his dream. But here he is preparing to test in the city 25 years later for his country, which he now calls his hometown.

Returning to Mumbai, New Zealand will be “nostalgic” and “emotional” as New Zealand draws in the Kampur test and then fights for the series in the second test from Friday. As a result, Patel assisted the orchestration in the final session. Day 5 with Lachin Ravindra in the fading light. For Patel, testing in Mumbai is “something I am confident that I will look back very lovingly in the future.”

“I was thinking about it [ the Mumbai Test] When he landed in Mumbai yesterday (Tuesday), Patel said, “I’m glad I got out. I came here on vacation with my family. [in the past].. It’s a little different now, obviously I’m playing cricket this time.

“Thanks to Mitchell McClenahan, I came to Wankede for a lot of IPL games. He is very kind every time I come here. I also bowled and trained here several times. It’s a kind of nostalgia. Here. I have to deal with not being able to meet my family. I plan to go home as often as possible. “

Patel said it was “really special” to see the family play from the Wankede stand for those whose parents “have never seen me play directly when they return to New Zealand.”

“Various members of the family are involved on different days of the game,” he said. “I think it’s the beauty of test cricket. Anyone can come to a free day.

“I’m not thinking about it [playing in front of the family] As pressure, it’s more exciting. I know I didn’t get off at the airport. I have a lot of flashbacks-I left Mumbai for the first time, returned to Mumbai for the first time, and came to Mumbai for weddings and so on. It will be a very special moment for me. “

Last week it was one of Patel’s roller coasters.It all started with starring in Kanpur’s Along Gee debut on the final day of his tension. Lachin Ravindra..The pair played 8 overs together-Pattel faced 23 deliveries-holding one wicket in his hand Save the matchPatel said it was a “very cool moment” for two Indian players to fight for a strong homeside draw, and in itself a “great story”.

“he [Ravindra] I was calm. “He had a nice head on his shoulder and talked about playing the ball as straight as possible. If it goes through the outer edge, it goes through the outer edge, but the stump. That’s the most important part unless it’s out of play and in front of the pad. I don’t think I’ve thought about the results at any point, and I’m not sure if Rachin did that. It does things. Make it much easier.

“… to our irony at home, towards the back end of the game, and after the game is over, the Indian heritage that grew up in New Zealand and is trying to play against one of the biggest cricket nations. To fight for a draw between the two boys, and I think, [is] It’s a very nice story in itself. It was special that we were there and I thought it was very appropriate. “

Ind vs NZ, second test

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