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In the Loop: The new NZ Herald podcast focuses on blockade breaches, inflation and climate aid

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The first episode of The New Zealand Herald’s new weekly news podcast is all about the psychology of blockade breakers, rising inflation, and the surprising collaboration between Labor and Kuomintang.

In the Loop is hosted by NZME journalists Rosie Gordon and Katie Harris. Each week, they look behind the headlines and dig deeper into the biggest stories of the week – focusing on what’s most important to young New Zealanders.

And after a party in Redvale, a suburb of Auckland last weekend, caused a big social media fire and party attendees were breached by police and reprimanded by the prime minister, young Kiwi became a hot topic. It was an interesting week.

Dozens of people were filmed at a rally at Redvale’s facility, clearly violating the city’s current Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions that prevent all sorts of rally indoors.

The video taken at the party, showing people dry humping each other, quickly became viral and caused anger among those who obeyed Level 3 restrictions. Police quickly issued a subpoena to one 28-year-old man, and at least six others were issued infringement notices. Some influencers identified as attending the party have also been removed by sponsors and agencies.

Kyle MacDonald is a psychotherapist.Photos / files
Kyle MacDonald is a psychotherapist.Photos / files

In the in-the-loop debut episode, Gordon and Harris and psychotherapist Dr. Kyle MacDonald talk about violations, how people deal with ongoing blockade restrictions, and why some people are better than others. Also talked about whether they tend to break the rules.

He told the podcast that having a lot of resources and wealth and not being accustomed to missing out could contribute to those who break the rules.

McDonald’s said that failure to do things in a particular way can affect people in a variety of ways.

“The longer they last, the harder it is for people to stay in compliance. Covid is a tricky enemy. Many people in New Zealand don’t know yet, if they don’t know who has it, it still feels. You can, it’s not really about me, so that everything is going well. “

McDonald’s said people should focus on the “light at the end of the tunnel” of the race to get vaccinated. That is, the restrictions do not last forever, and more talk should be focused on why people, such as immunodeficiency, have to do so. Compliant to encourage others to do the same.

Also, in today’s episode, Gordon and Harris delve into the latest information on inflation after a year-on-year increase of 4.9%. This is the biggest change since 2011.

They also doubly support a government announcement announcing a $ 1.3 billion increase in climate change assistance ahead of the key COP26 summit in Glasgow, a bill that could lead to the construction of more than 100,000 homes. We will also discuss the Labor Party and national party politics for, and the graphic story. Of a woman raped on a Philadelphia train while spectators were filming it on their phone.

Gordon and Harris then briefly touched on the Internet’s reaction to Brian Tamaki’s latest appearance after Brian Tamaki was charged with a picnic protest against the ongoing blockade restrictions. This violated these restrictions.

In-the-loop is available at iHeartRadio, Apple podcast, Spotify Or wherever you can get a podcast. New episodes come out every Friday morning.

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In the Loop: The new NZ Herald podcast focuses on blockade breaches, inflation and climate aid

SourceIn the Loop: The new NZ Herald podcast focuses on blockade breaches, inflation and climate aid

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