Imaging provides new insights into schizophrenia

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Thursday, September 19 (HealthDay News)-With new imaging inspection schizophrenia..

The researchers used two types of brain imaging. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy that measures the level of a particular chemical in the brain. Magnetization transfer imaging detects changes in myelin levels in the white matter of the brain.

Nerve cells must be insulated by myelin in order to effectively transmit signals from one part of the brain to another, the authors of a study published in the journal on September 15 explained. Biological psychiatry..

“The brain schizophrenia Is characterized by abnormal connections between distant brain regions and is not new, and imaging studies using diffusion tensor imaging have long suggested that the white matter to which these connections move is abnormal in this state. “The school said in a news release of the journal.

“But there was no tool to determine if the anomaly was in the axon, in the myelin sheath around the axon, or both,” Ongur added.

Researchers found evidence of abnormalities in both myelin and axons (projections of nerve cells) in patients schizophrenia, Serious mental illness. More specifically, they schizophreniaAlso, an abnormal spread of a type of small molecule (called N-acetylaspartic acid) that is thought to be primarily contained within nerve cells.

The survey results show that “white matter abnormalities schizophrenia “Recovering normal white matter functioning in this condition may require strategies that affect both axonal health and myelin synthesis,” Onger said.

According to journal editor Dr. John Crystal, “This study has myelin dysplasia. schizophrenia It is associated with a disorder of functional completeness of white matter. Because white matter communicates over long distances in the brain, current findings raise new questions about the functional effects and treatment of these neuropathy, “he said in a news release.

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Imaging provides new insights into schizophrenia

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