I’m a flight attendant and there are two ways to get extra freebies on board without paying

Flight attendants have revealed how passengers can receive freebies and better treatment on board.

Craig Featherby, President of the New Zealand Flight Attendants Association, said: thing Two Reasons Passengers Are Covered in-flight gifts.


Passengers qualify for in-flight giveaways for two reasons.Credit: Getty

Air flight attendant new zealand The crew explained that they sometimes give special treatment to passengers who are celebrating special occasions.

He said: “Just last week I brisbane Then I came back and had someone congratulate me on my 50th anniversary, so I took two glasses of champagne from business (class) to economy. ”

The crew explained how many airlines to staff Go beyond tools and permissions.

another reason passenger If you can help me in an in-flight situation, I get star treatment.

I'm a flight attendant - here's how to claim your rewards on board

Craig recalled a sad moment with a woman who lost her baby on a flight and offered an upgrade to the doctor who helped her.

“Several years ago, unfortunately, a baby went missing on a plane and received medical attention from a doctor who was on board.

“There was a vacant seat, so I moved him. business class, I told all the other customers of Business Premier why I was doing it so they could know what was going on. ”

He also acknowledged how the flight attendants go above and beyond for their passengers.

A member of the flight attendants receiving a small gift, Cards such as chocolates and cards often thank passengers with a complimentary glass of wine.

Air New Zealand flight attendants aren’t the only ones to suggest bring a gift for flight attendants.

Air Canada flight attendants give yourself a littlemay offer passenger preferential treatment, including extra legroom seats.

Sean Kathleen, a retired flight attendant who has been in the job for seven years, said it could get you too. free drink on your flight.

she said Sfgate: “Bring me some chocolate, bring me some candy. Just a few bucks to say thank you. I’m sure you’ll get it.” free drink And. one hundred percent. “


You may not get an upgrade, but you may get free drinks and snacksCredit: Getty

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