Illegal drugs purchased from the internet can be toxic, experts warn

Thursday, February 9 (HealthDay News)-A case study of two men who were poisoned and turned blue after ingesting what they thought was a recreational drug purchased online highlights the dangers of such a purchase. The new report claims that it is.

The case study appeared in the February 10 issue of. Weekly morbidity and mortality reports, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Prevention..

The term “research chemicals” is a phrase used to sell illegally Stimulants On the Internet, the author of the report said to circumvent regulations banning their use.

The authors described the case of two Oregon men who believed they had purchased the designer amphetamine derivative 2C-E online. However, the product they actually received was aniline, a highly toxic industrial chemical.

All of these research chemicals are labeled as “not for human consumption,” but two men ingested the chemicals.They soon suffered a serious reaction hemoglobin Methemoglobin, converted to a molecule that prevents Red blood cells From carrying oxygen.

Men’s skin turned blue due to lack of oxygen in the blood, and one of them lost consciousness, said report author Dr. Shanaksin of the Oregon Poison Center and colleagues.

The man was saved after Toxic Center and Health Department personnel quickly identified the chemicals and appropriate treatments.

The report’s authors conclude that the case presents a potentially life-threatening risk of purchasing so-called “research chemicals” over the Internet.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, News Release, February 9, 2012

Illegal drugs purchased from the internet can be toxic, experts warn

Source link Illegal drugs purchased from the internet can be toxic, experts warn

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