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I am another lucky resident of Auckland, the most livable city in the world.Bentomas

Auckland, New Zealand’s main center, has been named the most livable city in the world this year. Mainly for the simple reason that it wasn’t anywhere else during the pandemic.

Like the 1976 Olympics, kiwi athletes have collected the coveted stolen running medals, largely thanks to boycotts by the dominant African nations.

Despite its reputation for humility, New Zealanders are nothing more than international praise, so Ananicols, industry director of the Economist Intelligence Unit, who helped create the report, explained the superior quality of Queen City. Officially summoned by the local media to in more detail.

“Shops, restaurants, and most public areas,” Nichols told national broadcaster RNZ “it was open.”

The fact that this praise was given without considering the benefits of the gateway to the sailing city of the Pacific, however, does not mean that they do not exist.

After all, Wellington, the capital of the country, is even more Covid-free than Auckland, Has endured a series of short-term blockages since August last year. Wellington managed fourth and proved that pandemic survival wasn’t everything. Especially if others are sandwiched between two tectonic plates, cities built on two fault lines, and horizontal rain.

Like more than half of all Auckland citizens, I wasn’t born in what I now call my hometown. Auckland has been the country’s most desirable property since ancient times, before Covid, before colonization, and even before the median home price reached NZ $ 1 million.The isthmus was the home of many Maori Iwis [tribes], Subtropical climate, fertile land, proximity to transportation routes, at the time I was attracted to rivers and harbors.

Maunga [mountains] Some of the central suburbs are dormant volcanic cones, and the city is still above an active volcanic area. Nevertheless, Auckland is relatively blessed with geology in countries that are vulnerable to unpredictable and catastrophic earthquakes. In a rare local earthquake more than a decade ago, witness testimony led the local news, witnessing that the picture frame was wobbling and the tea was a little disturbed.

Eruptions are predicted approximately every 350 years, but scientists have equipped the sensors with the best kiwi DIY methods, which promise to give residents a warning of an eruption for at least five hours. This is enough time to pack the car and at least crawl the infamous Auckland traffic. Some blocks close to safety.

Like other growing cities (currently with about 1.5 million inhabitants), it suffers from some underinvestment. The iconic amusement park Rainbow’s End can be painted for Instagram. The nostalgic favorite Waiwella hot pool is obsolete after a misleading caper involving the Russian oligarch. If less than a state-of-the-art sewer system, it can be difficult to contain wastewater during heavy rains, temporarily preventing some of the protected suburban coves of the beautiful Weitemata harbor from turning. But Auckland beaches and storms really mean one thing. Surrounded by Waitákere’s rainforest, the moody black sand beaches of the West Coast are just a short drive away. range.

Auckland is still a crossroads of many cultures. It has the highest population of Pacifica people in any city in the world. South Auckland is a feast of real culture, with countless weekend markets, both figuratively and literally. Only half of Oakland’s citizens are born in the city, 25% of which are Asian heritage.

Originally designed to guide foreign workers in negotiating hardship allowances for expatriates, the Economist Rankings are focused on the elite without embarrassment. In that case, the rankings may reflect that laid-back Auckland is particularly livable for the few real celebrities who spent their pandemics here as a result of their grounded attitude towards Auckland’s fame. there is.

Thanks to a strong arts community, talent explodes at Tamaki Makaurau. This year’s Comedy Festival featured many of Stars Track’s Rose Matafeo contemporaries and collaborators.

The world-famous superstar Road is relatively free to move around. The casual Oakland citizens try to avoid the emotional incontinence of American fans and keep celebrities in the midst of them.

Because now she may need millions of record sales to get into her first home in an affordable sailing city, but she’s ultimately the same as us and in the world Another lucky resident of the most livable city.

Bentomas is an Oakland-based political critic.

I am another lucky resident of Auckland, the most livable city in the world.Bentomas

Source link I am another lucky resident of Auckland, the most livable city in the world.Bentomas

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