How to keep drinking beer without calories

Loah Beer Co. brings to the market one of the healthiest low-alcohol beers with low-calorie, low-sugar variations.

Healthy low alcohol beer

Loah Beer Co.Introduces one of the healthiest low-alcohol Beer, Hora beer with lime (0.5% ABV), low alcohol content and non-alcohol category. The new lime-filled hora beer, all brewed with the same yeast, hops and malt, is specifically aimed at 0.5% ABV and is the lowest calorie and sugar content of the low alcohol beers currently available on the UK market. It is one.

For beer lovers and dislikes

Loah was created following consumer demand for low-alcohol beer options with lighter flavors to appeal to both beer lovers and haters alike. The Google search term for “low-alcohol” reached its highest point in the three years of June this year, and consumers are demanding low-alcohol options for all tastes. The low-alcohol market is expected to grow 22% by 2024 *, but current competitors have failed to appeal to health-conscious demographics seeking lighter-tasting beer.

Male and female audience

With only 39 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar, Hola Beer with Lime is the only low-alcohol beer with a fruity flavor profile, offering a light and refreshing taste with a natural lime flavor. Unlike its competitors, Loah aims to divide its male and female customers equally and reach a diverse audience.

Sustainable vegan friendly

Made from 100% recyclable package Naturally brewed, Loah is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. The brand aims to be carbon-neutral in the near future and as the company grows, it aims to become a market-leading, sustainable low-alcohol brand.

Loah Beer Co. Hugo Tapp, the founder of, commented: More and more people are considering balance and moderation when buying drinks, with or without alcohol. This is just an accelerating blockade. Loah is all about benefits, without compromising on taste, experience, or health goals. We will continue to focus on innovation and work toward carbon neutrality. We are very proud to have already created products with low energy consumption during brewing and our long-term goal is to become a leading sustainable low-alcohol brand in the UK market. .. “

Available at, both on-trade and off-trade, lime-filled hora beer is available in 4, 12, and 24 packs. RRP: £ 2.50.

How to keep drinking beer without calories

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