How to increase cultural diversity

TupuToa is currently affiliated Suncorp new Zealand, AIA, When Ando Brian Fox, Insurance and Suncorp’s Arrangement Quality Assurance Advisor, said his organization has a long-standing relationship with TupuToa and will welcome 10 new internships this year through a partnership.

Commenting on the partnership, Fox felt that the internships he had been involved with found a lot of value in the program and “empowered” to be part of an organization that was closely aligned with their values. Said.

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“Suncorp NewZealand is a key partner in the TupuToa internship program and is part of our journey to create a comprehensive workplace that reflects community diversity,” Fox said.

“People in Maori and Pacifica have traditionally been underestimated by New Zealand companies, especially in leadership positions. The TupuToa internship program is a professional path to the corporate sector for students in Maori and Pacifica higher education institutions. It helps to deal with this by providing. “

“The TupuToa program has identified the value of thinking diversity,” Fox explained.

“I’ve become skeptical about how to attract and use diversity in the workplace to benefit employees, businesses and customers.

“Our organization is now able to ensure that Suncorp values ​​are often in line with their values ​​and that the work they do is reflected in the business objectives and culture. He gave us feedback that we are here. Since we started our relationship with TupuToa in 2018, 15 internships have passed through the organization and we expect to have another 10 in November of this year. “

In the mission statement, TupuToa currently has no Maori or Pacific CEO listed on NZX, and only 17% of New Zealand’s top 60 companies have executives that identify them as non-European. It states that there is.

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Its mission is to “ensure that the corporate Aotearoa represents our country” and “to address the lasting inequality facing our community and destroy intergenerational disadvantages.” To do. “

“This biased demographic creates knowledge gaps, deprives companies of the benefits of diversity and hinders business growth,” says TupuToa.

“We strive to reduce the barriers to entry and progress that are biased towards the Maori and Pacific communities and to assist organizations in successfully recruiting and recruiting Maori and Pacific people.”

When it comes to maintaining a diverse workforce in the insurance industry, Fox said there is still work to be done. He is currently heading Suncorp’s Tikanga Group, saying that diverse thinking will ultimately benefit those who insurers need to maintain their strong and diverse thinking business most, namely their customers. ..

“I have the privilege of leading Suncorp’s Tikanga Employee Resource Group, which is a group of devoted, passionate and motivated people,” Fox said.

“The purpose of this group is to promote the continued development of the organization’s cultural fluency and to actively incorporate Maori and Pacifica tools and Tikanga into Sancorp Aotearoa. Our long-term goal is to Cultural intelligence plays an important role in our business decisions. “

“I think every organization needs to do some work when it comes to incorporating different cultures and worldviews into an organization,” he concludes.

“Increased cultural fluency fosters an environment in which employees are connected to the values ​​that the organization represents and diverse thinking is incorporated into business decisions. All of this ultimately benefits customers. Increasingly, many insurers have taken a very positive step towards cultural fluency, especially on behalf of Te Ao Maori. “

How to increase cultural diversity

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