How To Effectively Manage and Schedule Employee Vacation Days

When holidays approach, business owners are tasked with managing requests for time off. Failing to have an effective means of managing and scheduling employee vacation days can impact business operations, hurt the company culture, and mar your employer brand. Managing employee vacation days correctly helps deliver client expectations, meet customer demands, and prevent internal strife. Take a look at some tips for the effective management and scheduling of employee vacation days.

Plan in advance.



Holiday seasons remain the same year after year, which makes it easy to plan for time off requests in advance. Many employers require their employees to plan out their vacations for the coming year in January. This provides an overview of who is available for which holiday and who isn’t. For industries in which annual planning isn’t feasible, such as health care, it’s a good idea to plan vacation schedules three to five months in advance.

First come, first served.



When running a business that sees an uptick during the busy holidays or one that needs constant staffing, it’s a good idea to practice the first-come-first-served system. This system lets employees who know they want time off for specific holidays ask far enough in advance. The sooner you start accepting time-off requests, the sooner you can update employees with schedules and make any necessary operational adjustments. Following a first-come-first-served policy is a smart way to limit the number of people who can be absent during the holidays.

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Offer work-from-home options.



Work-from-home culture is here to stay, and anyone with a computer and WiFi connection can take advantage. Letting your employees work from home during the holidays is a great way to maintain productivity without worrying about bringing on extra staff or missing client expectations. The key to offering work-from-home options is to ensure employees have the right tools available to get their work done.

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Stagger the schedule.



Rather than worrying about having enough people available to work during the holidays, stagger the schedule to ensure there’s always coverage while accommodating vacation time. Consider splitting the workday into morning and afternoon shifts, or have employees work specific days in turns. You could even incentivize employees to work holidays by offering a holiday pay differential.

Planning, using a first-come-first-served system, offering work-from-home options, and staggering the schedule are all effective ways to manage and schedule employee vacation days.

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