How the aviation sector took off in 2022

After a few years of challenge for the aviator sector, Byram AnakovThe founder and CEO of App in the Air shares his predictions for next year.


“With the world, our ability to cross borders, and associations, the travel and aviation industry has changed dramatically and permanently with a pandemic. Testing, immunity passes, digital health passports, and hygiene measures The relatively simple act of traveling from airport to flight has become a complex minefield for the average traveler, as it is now inevitable as part of our lives.

“Technology development in each of these areas is key to the survival of our sector. The aviation industry is very active in driving innovation to address the challenges associated with managing the mass movement in pandemics. This is steadily continuing in 2022, with the hope that different countries, airports and airlines will develop ways to monitor immunization status and health passports, as well as traditional visa and ID checks. I can do it.

Pandemic-specific tools

“App In The Air exists to simplify the move process and allow users to navigate all the elements of the move, reducing the challenges of moving in a pandemic and responding swiftly to near-continuous changes. That has been the main focus of the team since COVID-19, which has emerged in the world’s consciousness.

“We have provided a number of pandemic-related travel tools to help 6 million users around the world, including the latest innovation, Digital Health Passport. Still, the global standard for health certification is No. As long as countries refuse to share data, the discovery of a global solution will be dramatically slowed. We estimate that it will probably take 5-7 years to achieve. It could be too late to benefit this particular pandemic. The aviation industry will be the first to tackle the issue of global health certification. It simplifies things for the traveler himself. With a particular focus on becoming, it could lead to other innovations that change the way we all travel.

Vaccine fairness

“Vaccine fairness will also be key to the survival of our sector. I think the aviation industry is one of the first companies to innovate in these areas. Vaccines are distributed fairly around the world. Until then, travel cannot be fully resumed. It is encouraging to see travel brands around the world boosting a unified vaccine equity drive. We have launched a new digital health passport feature for the app. In addition to the “Upload Vax, Offer Vax” campaign, there is a US $ 25,000 donation to the COVAX Advanced Market Commitment. Make sure you are vaccinated and are working little by little towards this effort.

Carbon neutral

“The environmental impact of travel and aviation continues to be at the forefront this year, and of course.’Flygskam‘Although literally interpreted as’flight shame’, it is becoming more and more popular and the most sustainable choice is simply not to fly, but in most situations it is not possible or practical. As someone who travels regularly by plane, I and my 6 million frequent flyer user base are all “Carbon neutral “Traveler” instead.

“Technology has a big role to play and there are great tools that save you the trouble of offsetting travel emissions. The easier we make it, the more likely travelers are to offset it, for example, apps. Place a tree on every flight booked in, allowing users to filter their flight search by carbon emissions and select less polluting options, and calculate user carbon dioxide emissions. With that awareness, you can change the steps you need, and eliminate the hassle of offsets that users can perform directly from your app. Make it as easy as possible to do the right thing while traveling. “

How the aviation sector took off in 2022

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