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It’s a really old school, as heroes go.

Manual, rear-wheel drive, some frills: The Nissan Navara SL Double Cab is as simple as this type of vehicle is available these days and is cheap at $ 45,490.

Pure hard workers are rarely star materials in today’s environment, but wait until next year.

From January 1st, this derivative could be like a celebrity.

Of all the 1 ton utes sold here, it’s the least affected variant of the CleanCar levy set to add thousands of dollars to the revenue of this type of vehicle.

The announcement of new government rules on June 13 suggests that Kiwi will pay a penalty of approximately $ 3,000 to favorites from 2022, and expects the impost to rise again in 2023. I am.

In fact, the 3.0-liter powering the brothers Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max seems to be the only engine to hit the jackpot for $ 3,000. A bigger hit is waiting.

What is the top of the category blacklist? It will be the most expensive choice in the sector, the Volkswagen Amarok V6. But it’s not alone in a naughty corner.

Assuming that the powertrains they represent are still in circulation at the start of taxation, China’s budget-end LDV T60 and GWM (for Great Wall Motors) canyons are also subject to loads of up to $ 5,175, which makes them moody. A mega-sized US-made Chevrolet Silverado and the same weight of shame weighted by the RAM 1500.

Controlling high CO2 emissions to reduce environmental pollution is not just a problem.

Still, the fair stolen goods of 74,600 and 107,400 vehicles, which are estimated to be more expensive to buy as of January 1, are either those or sports utilities.

We are well aware of why there are “strong” feelings from ute sellers and supporters about the fairness of utes chosen or placed on top of them as poor citizens.

Utes undoubtedly play an important role in co-arranger-first applications, and it’s hard to imagine how they could be replaced.

Still, in reality, the types tailored for complete hardship (Ford Ranger Wild Track, Toyota Hilux SR5, etc.) have long been the strongest sellers, rather than the ones best suited for family use and recreational play.

The growing appeal of luxury and profitable double cab turbodiesel derivatives is closely linked to the market, which grew from 13.4% in 2004 to 23.4% year-to-date. 75% hiking.

In contrast to individual passengers, the trawl net of New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) data reveals only 9% (nearly 429,000) of the 472,424 utes listed as real jobs, most of which are legal vehicles. It is a deflation of the industry’s claim that it is purchased for the purpose.

Fans’ immediate reaction to the announcement of the clean car was rebellious. Toyota and Ford, which account for 51% of monthly sales, say orders have increased.

This is an additional impetus for market-dominant rangers to reach a category record of 11,000 registrations this year.

Next year, the environment will be a very hostile territory, but no competitor in any sector can imagine giving up the fight. Too much reliance on profit and volume. Not as much as Ford. We strive to expand our portfolio and push passengers, but without rangers they would be a bit of a player.

Since relatively poor CO2 counts are a common weakness, utes did so with the tightening of CO2.

Can they be saved? More and more new car power plants are being tuned to meet Europe’s latest emission standards, Euro 6. This sets the exhaust cleanliness standard higher than the Euro 5 standard, but ute does not.

The government wants to implement EU6, but there is no definite time frame. If we work with Australia, that may not happen until 2028.

Ironically, the VW Amarok V6 stepped to Euro 6 in the market when procurement temporarily switched from Argentina to Germany, but lost its advantage when production returned to South America.

Navarra is running a Renault powertrain that can be adjusted to meet Euro 6 expectations. However, Nissan New Zealand has confirmed that the vehicles sold here are in Euro 5 format. This is probably because it was preferred in the combined market of Australia.

Euro 6 vehicles are easy to choose because they usually require AdBlue, a diesel particulate scrubber, which needs to be added to a separate tank to purify the exhaust fumes. There is one in Amarok supplied by Germany, but not in the equivalent from Argentina.

In its current state, it is the number of turbochargers that makes SL Navara look better than the other variations. In this model, the 2.3-liter engine runs a single turbo. All other editions are biturbo.

Nissan advertises that SL has a CO2 count of 189 grams per kilometer. This is, on the surface, 3 grams lower than the starting point of government penalties.

Except for … it’s not.

The CO2 data published for utes is not the exact gospel because it has not been matched to the latest standards.

The WLTP (World harmonized Light Vehicle Testing Protocol) test was introduced in the global automotive sector in late 2018, allowing more realistic measurements of carbon emissions and energy consumption, but many utes. The previous NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) format was criticized for being up to 30% off target.

The Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for setting up the clean car penalty system, has implemented a factoring formula that converts NEDC counts to the equivalent of WLTP.

Some say the math is still lightly off because it’s all about establishing levels when driving like a car. Much more pumps are ejected when they are measured in motion (for example, when lifting or transporting luggage).

Still, even when calculated, the results of the MoT formula are not good news for utes, as the CO2 count is constantly increasing, as the information below shows.

Including Navara SL. When math is applied to NEDC results, the safe zone sanctuary is lost and instead placed just 4 grams above the 192 g / km line.

Roughly speaking, there is a $ 55 penalty for exceeding 1 gram. So if the SL price tag goes up $ 220 next year, you’ll see why.

In the meantime, the breakdown of the impact on popular lines is as follows:

How much does your new ute cost in 2022? — Motoringnz

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