How eye contact enhances conversation

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Literally, new research shows that eye-to-eye contact makes conversations more attractive.

“Eye contact is really immersive and powerful,” said Sophie Walchen, a graduate student in psychology and brain science at Dartmouth College.

“When the two are talking, eye contact shows that they are sharing attention-they show that they are in the best sync with each other,” Wohltjen said in a college news release. I did.

And while deep in the conversation, their pupils expand synchronously, the researchers pointed out.

“If you keep eye contact, that sync will go down. I think this is also good because too many syncs can make the conversation out of date. For attractive conversations, you may be on the same page. If so, I may say something new, “Wohltjen explains. University news release. “Eye contact seems to be one way to create a shared space while freeing up space for new ideas.”

In this study, 94 participants wore eye-tracking glasses and were videotaped during a 10-minute conversation. Participants then looked at the discussion and evaluated how enthusiastic they were.

Researchers investigated the pupillary light reflex during eye contact. They found that people make eye contact when pupil synchronization peaks. When eye contact is released, the pupillary light reflex is reduced and restored. The data also showed a correlation between an instance of eye contact and a higher level of involvement in conversation.

“Previously, eye contact was supposed to produce synchronization, but our findings suggest that it’s not that simple,” said a professor of psychology and brain science at Dartmouth College. One Talia Wheatley said. “We make eye contact when we’re already in sync. If anything, eye contact seems to help break that sync. Eye contact is to enable new ideas and ideas. It helps to temporarily interrupt the synchronization. “

Wheatley described the conversation as “a creative act in which people build a shared story from an independent voice.”

“The moment of eye contact seems to signal when we need to achieve a common understanding and contribute to our independent voice,” she added.

The report was published in the journal on September 14th. Minutes of the National Academy of Sciences..

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Source: Dartmouth College, News Release, September 10, 2021

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How eye contact enhances conversation

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