How Covid-19 have Affected Our Online Activity

As the pandemic is slowly but surely coming to an end, it is time to look back on some of the changes that were made. While the world was turned upside down and people were sent home, online-based companies have been thriving.

As we were no longer allowed to visit many of the physical stores, restaurants, and entertainment places, it was time to adapt to an ever more technological world. Playing games, watching films, ordering food, and more, became a strictly online affair, which has opened a new world for many, leaving us to think that the pandemic left behind something good after all.

Socializing in a new matter

While the online entertainment part has been a great way to have fun and make time pass, most people have been thankful for video chatting. It has made it possible to stay in touch with friends and family without meeting them in person. Some have used it to be able to finish their studies and to work, while others have held zoom parties to make the time pass.

It was not easy for everyone to adapt to online learning and hosting camera-recorded meetings, and the “zoom anxiety” is real. However, it made it possible to socialize in a world that was in full lockdown and to talk to your loved ones during a scary and unknowing time, and was ultimately a good thing.

Online games and forums

Online games have become an especially important part of many people’s lives during periods of lockdown. Some people were playing games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite before, but now it has become something that more people are doing as a part of their everyday life. Online gambling has also become more popular as a source of entertainment.

People found the simple joy of spinning slot machines and enjoying a game of poker online, to make the time pass. This created big competition within the sites, which are now offering good bonuses to attract players to their online casinos. It’s a fun way to stay entertained during a quarantine period, and in addition, playing online can also be a social room, because you’ll have the opportunity to play against other players.

The new cinema

Streaming movies and TV series are far from new, and people were well aware of this option before the coronavirus struck. However, having it as the only source for movies as well as not being able to socialize in person, it became the new normal, and people turned to Netflix to stream. The excessive use of streaming services has given a new boost to the companies, leaving them with extra revenue that hopefully will generate more movies and tv series in the future as the world is opening.

Many TV shows struggled to get new episodes out, as filming had to be canceled or postponed due to covid restrictions or outbreaks. Luckily the filming has mostly resumed, and we can look forward to a bunch of new material in the months and years to come.

The pandemic is hopefully coming to an end very soon. We are thankful for all the technological tools that have helped us during this time but are looking forward to some good old in-person socializing.

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