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“How about with Pfizer?” New Zealanders can get a Covid jab with a fast food fix | New Zealand

New Zealanders seeking a fast food fix may be immediately asked if they would like a vaccine with their diet. The country aims to vaccinate at least 90% of its population, and the government is currently in talks with fast-food giant KFC to reach that goal.

“We just want to reach out where people are,” said Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson. Told to RNZ Thursday morning.

New Zealanders love fast food. The per capita distribution volume of KFC and McDonald’s stores is one of the highest in the world.When Auckland was unblocked on Tuesday night, people I hurriedly queued my meal, And just a day ago, two gangsters Smuggling boots full of KFC Despite strict border controls, cash to Auckland is $ 100,000.

“I know that below level 3, many Oakland citizens are really excited to get a takeaway fix. Is that possibility available?” Roverston said.

Waiting 20 minutes after vaccination can also be difficult when waiting for food drive-throughs, Robertson said, and these types of logistics before proceeding with the plan. He added that some work would be required.

He said the government is considering options, including looking at fast-food outlets as well as other places where people frequently adventure.

Auckland councilor Jo Bartley first proposed this idea to Restaurant Brands, which operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in New Zealand on Monday. She posted on social media on Wednesday, saying that Restaurant Brands had informed her that the government had contacted “to discuss the potential of this concept.”

The government uses “all tools in the toolbox” to vaccinate the population. This states that this is the best opportunity for the country to return to a life without blockades.

last week,”Whippy Style Travel Vaccine Bus roll out.

Robertson states that international examples have a variety of implications and raise ethical issues for those who are already vaccinated, providing incentives to take people to the vaccine. I hesitated. But he said individual businesses are offering sandwiches or coffee to encourage people to take them, which he supports.

new Zealand Twenty-three new cases of coronavirus were reported in the community on Wednesday, with all but one associated with existing cases of the current outbreak. After the country reports 14 on Tuesday, it’s a slight jump in some cases. Currently, there are 1108 cases.

Oakland has reached a new milestone in vaccination, with 80% of the target population (aged 12+) receiving at least one vaccination. In the case of the country, that figure is 72%, and just over 38% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

“How about with Pfizer?” New Zealanders can get a Covid jab with a fast food fix | New Zealand

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