Housing First Prakau Shares Homeless Experience |

Pūrākau’s report highlights the journey of the Housing First program

· Sharing the feelings of experienced homeless people

· Learning helps develop and improve services

Homeless Deputy Minister Marama Davidson welcomes the release of two Prakau reports that tell the diverse and realistic story of Warnau backed by Housing First.

“These two pūrākau reports provide a powerful and insightful story from whānau, who experienced the homeless. Many challenges and key areas of success were identified, and what we learned from Prakau is Housing First. Will help our providers work to provide adequate and secure housing and homeless support, “says Malama Davidson.

Pūrākau is a traditional and intergenerational way of sharing mātauranga (knowledge). They traditionally have a deeper message and are used to share the knowledge of Te Ao Maori and provide guidance.

“Two Pula Cow. He is Oranga Gankau, he is Pickinga Wailua And He puts his heart in Manga Takitahi, Okantautahi Learn more about the two Housing First program trips in Christchurch and Rotorua and the Warnau they support, “says Malama Davidson.

“Housing First people’s Prairakau is strengthening the value of housing suppliers, Iwi, municipalities, and the central government working together to support Warnow in the region, taking a location-based approach. I will.

As in the preface Marterongo, Camohio, Martemohio, Kamalama, Marte Marama, Kamatau, Marte Matau, Kaora; Listening gives rise to knowledge, knowledge gives rise to understanding, understanding gives rise to wisdom, and wisdom gives rise to happiness, “said Marama Davidson.

Housing First is an internationally recognized program aimed at providing and providing ongoing support services to people experiencing homelessness and whānau. The program, funded by Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, commissioned a case study report from Tāreaho Limited, a research, evaluation and policy-making group for Kaupapa Maori.

No changes were made to the participants’ cholero to preserve the integrity of the voices of the people interviewed with Prakau.Report found Here..

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Housing First Prakau Shares Homeless Experience |

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