Home games have to wait as the breakers schedule is revealed

The New Zealand Breakers are set for another long stint in Australia, but will return New Zealand for some home games later in the season.

The Breakers prior to returning to the stadium in early February, as the NBL prioritizes returning fans to the stadium for action in the coming season and entertaining spectators in Auckland and in the near future. The campaign will start in 12 games. ..

Immediately after starting the season with 12 games, the Breakers will play 14 of the last 16 games at home. There will be 10 games in Auckland and 4 games elsewhere in New Zealand.

Although not ideal for the club, head coach Dan Shamir said the Auckland-based club is in a much more comfortable position than it was sitting at the same time last year.

“The good thing about it and why we are optimistic is that we are looking for having 14 games at home,” said Shamir.

“I’m not going to spread from Game 1 during the season, but I’ll be able to go home. That’s great for us and it’s a very different story from last year.”

There are many plots in the new season of the Breakers, especially over the addition of young French stars Ousmane Dieng and Hugo Besson.

Dien is joining the Breakers as part of the NBL’s Next Star program to help NBA stars LaMelo Ball (Charlotte Hornets) and RJ Hampton (Orlando Magic) hone their skills ahead of the NBA Draft. Not only did Dien knock back on the college offer, he also had the opportunity to play in the NBA Development League to sign a New Zealand franchise.

The 18-year-old is a raw outlook with signs of superstar ability. A long-winged scout with great vision and playmaking abilities, the Scout invests heavily to see if he grows physically well in the very physical Australian league.

In August, ESPN ranked Dieng as the 14th best prospect for the 2022 NBA draft, and Besson ranked 35th on the same list.

20-year-old Besson showed his potential as an athletic and aggressive security guard in the second part of France last year. During the off-season, he was interested in several large European clubs and planned to participate in the NBA Draft, but was unable to attend training due to an ankle injury to maintain his 2022 qualification. I resigned. Former NBA players Peyton Shiva (Detroit Pistons) and Jeremiah Martin (Brooklyn Nets) will also join the team in the 2021-22 season.

The Breakers will move to Australia for next month’s pre-season and will be able to play four practice matches before the opening match against Cairns on December 4.

“Honestly, if you mean playing basketball and starting this season, you’ll sleep in an Australian tent,” Starbreakers forward Finn Delaney said of the schedule.

“It was inevitable to start the season in Australia. Seeing the season come, we will be better prepared this year,” he said.

Home games have to wait as the breakers schedule is revealed

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