Hilaria Baldwin speaks in a false accusation that she is Spanish.U.S. news

Hilaria Baldwin accused critics of “misrepresenting” her in allegations that she spent years pretending to be Spanish.

Baldwin tackled the controversy over her heritage after an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday revealed that she was born in Boston instead of Spain and was originally named Hillary.

Baldwin, the wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, was the subject of intense speculation about her career last week. The controversy began when a thread of Twitter users sharing a clip that Baldwin was speaking with accents became a hot topic. “We need to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to the 10-year gap impersonating the Spaniards,” wrote @ lenibriscoe. One clip shows that Baldwin is having a hard time memorizing the English words of cucumber.

The New York Times article highlights an old clip of Alec Baldwin, taking the case of a news article that mentions Baldwin’s Spanish heritage. Tell David Letterman His wife is from Spain. It also describes Baldwin’s biography, which states that he was born in Mallorca, Spain, on the management agency’s website.

Baldwin, 36, described the cucumber case as a “flatulence of the brain” rather than an attempt to strengthen her belief that she was Spanish, and was nervous because she first appeared on live television. It states that. And in response to an online biography from her administration that she said she was born in Mallorca, Baldwin said it was a “disappointed” mistake.

“I’m not wrong,” Baldwin, a yoga instructor and social media influencer, told The New York Times. “There is a difference between hiding and creating boundaries.”

Baldwin told The New York Times that she was bilingual and her English often had a strong Spanish accent, depending on how happy or upset she was.

Alec, a 30-rock star, and Baldwin, who has five children, said: “Today we have the opportunity to identify those who are confused, and those who are somehow confused by those who misrepresent me.”

Baldwin said she was born in Hilaria, but changed her name to Hilaria because her family in Spain called her. She said her parents, Americans, loved Spain and took her on vacation there from an early age.

“It’s very clear what I shared about myself,” she said. “I was born in Boston. I spent time in Boston and Spain. My family now lives in Spain.”

Baldwin does not say how often or how long she stayed in the country. “I find it annoying to do everything on such a tight schedule. As you know, sometimes school was involved. Sometimes it was a vacation. It was such a mix, Mish Mash. , Is that the right word? As if different things were mixed. “

Baldwin married 62-year-old Alec in 2012. He defended her in a controversy, stating on Instagram that “a lie can travel half the world while the truth is wearing its shoes.”

Comedian Amy Schumer seemed to make fun of Baldwin’s explanation when he shared his video in a big sun hat and wrote: I went to Spain several times and loved it too. “

She also included a cucumber emoji.

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Hilaria Baldwin speaks in a false accusation that she is Spanish.U.S. news

Source link Hilaria Baldwin speaks in a false accusation that she is Spanish.U.S. news

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