Highly acclaimed advisor will take over

Steve Rickens, a well-known insurance adviser known for his strong loyalty, integrity, family, friends and love for golf, died suddenly at the age of 66.

Friday, September 24, 2021 2:46 pm

Matthew Martin

Steve Rickens.

Rickens suffered a stroke this Monday, but died Wednesday in Christchurch after suffering another stroke on Tuesday.

He left behind his wife Robin, two sons Matthew and Andrew, and seven grandchildren. His funeral will take place next Tuesday in Christchurch.

His son Matthew told Good Returns that his father’s death was so sudden that his family was still in shock.

He says that if his father’s death had a small silver lining, he would be an organ donor and help six people for the kindness of his death.

“She is obviously a little frustrated because he promised to live until the age of 87.

“But Dad was really loyal to the people and the company he worked with. He was an old school guy and didn’t intend to connect people together.

“He built a good business for himself and had a really good lifestyle … he was always there for us.”

In 2015 Matthew left his journalism career and joined his father in his intermediary business. In 2018 he and his business partner Nick Howe acquired Moneta, and his father was an investment adviser until March this year.

“To be honest, I think he ended up playing more golf.”

Matthew says his father was a bit personal, especially at meetings where he could sometimes find him fall asleep in some corner.

“With my first fidelity [Life] Meeting I was Steve’s son, who helped me get to the top table.

“We became friends from dad and son. When I joined the business, we returned to dad and son. He had a lot to teach me and he had big shoes. I left.

“All of him was about legacy buildings, and he was most proud to build a business so that he could take the whole family on vacation.

“Last March we all went to Rarotonga where he paid. It was a measure of success that he was able to do it for us.

“He also had the coolest relationship with my mother Robin. They were great travel companions and had a great life.”

Matthew says his dad was particularly competitive when it came to golf, hitting two hole-in-one in one.

Eion Willis, a close friend and business associate, was with Richens when she suffered her first stroke on Monday, but has reached an agreement that she has still lost her companion.

“It’s hard to understand. A minute after he was here, he left.

“He was certainly a wonderful person.

“You ask yourself as an adviser. Do I want him as my broker or adviser?”

“Yes, Steve checked every box. He was completely impeccable in terms of honesty and honesty, putting his clients in first, second and third place.”

Willis said Rikens was “a great lover of grape juice, but never actually went outboard.”

He says golf was Rickens’ passion, but under all else he had a desire to help people.

“Many people with busy work didn’t take vacations to help people outside of work, but Steve did.

“We traveled the world together. He called and said,’How about doing this or that?'”

“We have traveled together more than 30 times. He also loved his cricket and was our brave traveler and tour leader.”

They were together in London in 1999 when Rickens still had long hair and decided to have a haircut.

“This was when the dollar was worth about 28p,” says Willis.

“He went to the barber and had a haircut and paid £ 28. I don’t think he paid $ 108 for a haircut in his life.”

Willis says his companions are wonderful companions and have never spoken badly to each other in their 35 years of friendship.

“He was a wonderful companion with 100% honesty.”

Another best friend, former Fidelity Life CEO Milton Jennings, says Rikens’death was tragic as Rikens had just retired and was looking forward to a good life.

“He was a close friend and a very loyal person to me and Fidelity. We went on many trips together.

“We shared our love for golf, and it’s very sad not to have it anymore.

“He was the most fun company around and a great person with a good sense of humor.”

Jennings says Rickens was an avid family man and a very good broker who was respected by all his clients and professions.

“He was easy to handle and enjoyed being around. He would suffer a great loss for the industry as a whole and as a role model for how advisors run their businesses and how they treat their clients.

“He has a very good business and it’s great that his son Matt took over,” says Jennings.

Richens and his former business partner Tony Vidler founded the Moneta Financial Group in Christchurch in 1997 and now offer health, life, trauma, mortgages, income protection insurance and Kiwi Saver products to their clients. increase.

They also worked together at the Norridge Union in Christchurch, where they met in 1988, and competed with each other for cold calls.

“Or, on Friday afternoon, pay the bragging rights of others and free beer and beat the streets to call on business owners to talk about donation policies that price from the tariffs we had. please.”

Widler says Rikens was one of the best in business in balancing life and work and keeping his most important thing, the relentless focus on “his” people.

“He made a difference in the world,” says Vidler.

“He deserves more time, and his family and friends deserve more time in the coming years.

“Steve’s loss is a terrible loss for many, especially his family. It feels terribly unfair.”

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Highly acclaimed advisor will take over

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