Henry Nicoles step up in the absence of Kane Williamson


“Over 100, I had to hit the bat longer,” he says after overcoming the slump in form.

Henry Nicoles overcame a difficult situation at Wellington’s Basin Reserve and brought New Zealand to a strong position despite being asked to hit the bat first. Undefeated at 117 on the stump on the first day of the second test against the West Indies, it is important for the rest of the batter group to step up given the lack of captain and best batter Kane Williamson. Said that. Williamson is on parental leave as he led New Zealand to an inning and 134 run win in his first test at Hamilton.

The Nichols century raised New Zealand to 6: 294, which also meant that he did nine tests and 13 innings without passing 50 to avoid some sort of slump. The last time he passed half a century was against Bangladesh, who hit 107 at the same venue in March 2019.

“I’m happy to contribute, [as I] Probably not as much as I had hoped for in the last few games, “Nichols told the host broadcaster after the first day of play.[I’ve been] I’m pretty lucky that the team and the other batters are playing very well. But without Kane in this game, it was important to stand up as a group.So that’s all I was trying to focus on-make it pretty simple [and] Long-term bat. It’s good not to go out overnight and look at tomorrow again. “

Nichols dropped the catch during the inning and halved his chances to get lucky, but he definitely invested capital when the ball was in his area. Even in his century, there was a cutting-edge point when trying to pass the mid-wicket.

“It’s funny with a hundred, it’s such a milestone, but for me it kept it really simple and over a hundred, I was trying to realize that I needed to fight longer.”Henry Nicoles

“Probably the right way to grow it,” he smiled. “”[There was] Sure, the bowler is there enough all day, so he bounces as a batter and says, “Sometimes I win the bat, sometimes I’m lucky, sometimes I don’t.” So it was good to get there, and it was good not to go out overnight.

“It’s funny with a hundred, it’s such a milestone. But for me, it kept it really simple, and over a hundred, I was trying to realize that I needed to fight longer. It’s just [about] I’m trying to put it in context.I’m glad I got over it [and] I’m a little lucky. It’s sometimes cricket. “

Nichols’ method also put a lot of balls out and left the pace and bounce on the surface-“more than usual” like a left-handed-he was able to leave the length comfortable enough. It was also the pitch he thought his own side would enjoy bowling.

“I used to leave, straighten them into a bowl,” Nichols said. “I would be happy if I could do that. Certainly, it can be tested on this kind of surface. I think the pace of the wicket will amplify it. If you get some loose stuff, you can score. Sometimes you’re just trying to keep your tempo moving as a batter.

“The biggest thing for me was trying to keep what I was doing. If I hit some boundaries, I wouldn’t feel more hit. They’ve been in a good area for long enough. If bowling, they could have an advantage all day long. Well, that’s the surface we’re still enjoying bowling, but I hope it’s not too early tomorrow. “

Saurabh Somani is an assistant editor for ESPNcricinfo.

Henry Nicoles step up in the absence of Kane Williamson

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