Helping Harmonie succeed: Becoming the youngest person in the world to wear microprocessor knees

From winning a Pride of Britain Award to becoming the youngest person in the world to wear microprocessor knees, what’s next for Harmony Rose?

Amputee and meningitis survivor Harmony Rose partnered with a private prosthetic rehabilitation provider. Dorsett Orthopedicand manufacturer Ottobock Becomes the youngest amputee in the world to wear a microprocessor knee.


Eight-year-old Harmony Rose Allen from Bath has always amazed the world. When she was just 10 months old when she contracted meningitis and given a 10% survival rate, she beat all odds. To save her life, the surgeon amputated her arm from her elbow and her leg from her knee. Since then, Harmony has made the leap to her current position. This includes her winning the 2021 Child of College Award at the Pride of Britain Awards.

Harmonie has been a Dorset Orthopedic patient since her mother, Freya, was 3 years old after being recommended by a friend. Harmony has been excellent in rehab since coming to Dorset Orthopedic.

Harmonie Physiotherapist Mary Tebb explains: “For Harmony, falling is a serious problem because she has lost both arms above her elbows, so she is more likely to land on her shoulders or face. Decided to try a pair of her Kenebo Microprocessor Knee Joints (MPK).”


Harmonie Prosthetists Matthew Hughes, physio Mary, and Ottobock Academy Chief Clinician Alan Gordon worked with Harmonie to help learn to walk using MPK. Harmonie spent a week at Dorset Orthopedic Surgery where he practiced daily using these innovative mobility solutions. My goal this week was to maximize Kenevo’s knee features, such as sitting, bending my knees when walking, and standing while using them.

Mary explains: She also spent time on her basic stance, freeing up her upper limbs to make cakes and paint mugs of her. Her trip out to Christchurch harbor with the obligatory ice cream made all her efforts worth her effort. ”

After a successful trial with the new knee, Harmony said:


Harmony is the world’s youngest double leg amputee with MPK. This is a huge achievement and a testament to her hard work and her positive outlook on life. Harmony’s new knees have improved her gait as she is now able to bend her knees. She can also stand up on her own if she falls, although she used to rely on others, and finally can bend her legs instead of keeping them upright when seated.

Harmonie is an active person who loves art, swimming, dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics. She also participates in stagecoaches participating in theater productions.

“Now that Harmony has new legs on stage, we can see her movements much better,” emphasizes Harmony’s mother, Freya. “When she’s there, she’s as tall as any other girl. Some people have come to me and said they couldn’t tell the difference if she had pants on.” .”

As Harmony grows, Kenebo will be able to utilize different modes to adapt to Harmony.

“In the next mode, Harmony can go downhill on a gentler slope because the knees ‘give’ a bit as the feet touch the ground,” says Mary. “In its most advanced mode, Harmony will be able to go down steeper slopes and stairs, and we may try this in late 2023 or 2024.”

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