Health Tips: Teaching Kids Bike Safety Rules

(HealthDay News)-As important as teaching young people how to ride a bike is to make sure their child knows the rules of the road.

American academy Pediatrics We propose these bicycle safety guidelines for children:

  • Establish rules regarding where children can ride and where they are off limits. The rules should be based on the child’s age, maturity, and ability to follow the basic rules of the road.
  • Mandatory rules include riding on traffic, always stopping at intersections, using hand signals, and looking carefully before turning.
  • Each time your child rides, you must wear a government-approved bicycle helmet that fits properly.
  • Children who do not follow the rules will need to revoke their bicycle privileges.
  • Do not allow children to ride at dusk or in the dark.
  • Parents should regularly inspect the bike for wear and make repairs if necessary.

-Diana Cornle

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Health Tips: Teaching Kids Bike Safety Rules

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