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(HealthDay News)-Healthy cooking methods make it easier to reduce calories and fat diet..

Dana-Farber cancer The institute mentions these healthier things Cooking tips::

  • Bake food in the oven or roast it in the oven at a higher temperature than baking.
  • Bake in the oven over direct fire or grill outdoors.
  • Braise with a stove and boil, then finish cooking in the oven with a small amount of liquid.
  • Microwave (avoid plastic), Or place a steam basket on a pot of boiling water to steam the food.
  • Cook in a boiling liquid (vinegar, soup, etc.) and pouch until it is boiled down and softened.
  • Put a small amount of healthy oil in a pan and fry or fry.

-Diana Cornle

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According to USDA, there is no difference between “partial” and “serving”.
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Health Tips: Healthy Cooking-MedicineNet

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