Health Tips: First Aid for Fainting

(HealthDay News)- syncope It happens when the brain temporarily doesn’t receive enough blood, says the Mayo Clinic.

syncope It may have no known medical cause or may be a sign of serious disability.For this reason, always treat syncope As a medical emergency, Mayo says.

If someone faints, Mayo urges you to:

  • Place the person on his back.
  • No injuries, people Breathing, Raise a person’s foot heart level.
  • Loosen belts, collars and other restricted clothing.
  • Don’t get up too early.
  • If you do not regain consciousness within 1 minute, call 911.

If that person is not Breathing, Start CPR and call 911. Continue CPR until help arrives or the person begins to breathe.

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Health Tips: First Aid for Fainting

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