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Hayden Wilde’s Olympic Bronze: How Trent Boult Helped Triathlete Inspire


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Hayden Wilde, a bronze medalist who just welcomed New Zealand to the Tokyo medal table, revealed that a pre-race message from black-capped high-speed bowler Trent Boult helped bring him to the podium.

Talk to Radio HowrakiJeremy Wells and Matt Heath revealed that wild coach Craig Kirkwood was sitting next to Trent Boult on a flight earlier in the week-and Kiwi’s swing bowler before the big race. I contacted Wild.

“To get a cheeky little message before the Lovely Trenty (Bolt) race … it was the inspiration I say to you,” Wild said.

The triathlete then rated Howraki’s Matt & Jerry Podcast as helping them survive the early hours of training.

Wild revealed in his 10-year plan that he hopes to compete in the next three Olympic cycles in Paris, Los Angeles and Brisbane.

Listen to the full interview here:

Wild won New Zealand’s first Tokyo Olympic medal, and after crossing the finish line, gained fans for his elegant performance.

Wild took the bronze thanks to his stunning run leg and finished the men’s triathlon event thrilling behind Alex Yee (Silver) in England and Christian Blumenfeld (Gold) in Norway.

The trio sprinted the neck and neck to the finish line before Blumenfeld lowered the hammer and won the gold medal in 11 seconds. Hayden finished 20 seconds behind the Norwegian winner.

When Blumenfelt fell to the ground shortly after crossing the finish line, it turned out to be everything Blumenfeld left in the tank.

As Blumenfeld lay on the ground, the delighted Wild hurriedly helped his opponent for a heartwarming sportsmanship.

Blumenfeld was so busy that he had to be in a wheelchair after the race.

“He can’t move,” said a television commentator. “He can’t walk one step further. It was 51.5k, probably 0.5 meters. He’s done. He’s now in a wheelchair to calm down and cool down.”
For Wild, the race was touching and he dedicated a medal to his deceased father.

“He died 12 years ago and never saw me race,” he told Sky Sports after the race.

“I know they (the rest of his family) booked an old fishing club home. That’s pretty cool. I think they’ve returned half of the Whakatane community home.

“I didn’t have enough money, but I’m happy to be back on the podium.”

Fellow Kiwi Tailor Reed finished in 18th place, 1 minute and 50 seconds behind the winner.

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Hayden Wilde’s Olympic Bronze: How Trent Boult Helped Triathlete Inspire

SourceHayden Wilde’s Olympic Bronze: How Trent Boult Helped Triathlete Inspire

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