Hackers leak 5.5 million email addresses every day

Hackers leak 5.5 million email addresses every day: what’s the worst thing that can happen?

63 email addresses leaked per second

Recent survey conducted by Cyber ​​security company Surfshark Indicates that 63 email addresses are being leaked every second. Add up to 5.5 million email addresses daily. This is enough to cover Singapore’s population. In addition, three-quarters of emails are leaked with passwords, giving hackers complete access to the online platforms they use every day.

Which data is leaked most often?

According to recent research, 2021 could be a record year for data breaches. Data leak It is already 17% higher than last year’s total. As a result, millions of login details continue to be leaked each month.

Email is usually leaked along with various data points that can help hackers define a sufficiently accurate profile for a user. Overall, the more users’ data is compromised, the easier it is for scammers to carry out effective social engineering attacks.

According to the Surfshark Alert database, on average:

  • Each Internet user has lost his email address more than once from 2004 to today.
  • In addition, three out of four emails were leaked with passwords, making it easy for hackers to hijack accounts of different users.
  • Social media profiles are also at risk if criminals get their username instead of email. The study found that since 2004, 50 usernames and password hashes have been leaked for every 100 Internet users.
  • For every 100 Internet users, 18 lost their full name, 16 lost their first name, 14 lost their country, surname, date of birth, or gender, and 9 lost their phone number.
  • Very sensitive personal data will be leaked less frequently. Only one in 100 users leaks personal health and financial information such as credit rating, income, height, shoe size, blood type, etc. to a public database.

What happens to the leaked data?

Different leaks can have different real-world scenarios. For example, if a user’s email and password are leaked, they can be used in so-called reuse attacks. These occur when a hacker obtains the password for one compromised account and uses it to sign in to another account. And instead of simply losing access to that one compromised account, users may find that they are addressing a set of issues that have devastating consequences for privacy and online security.

In the worst-case scenario, a hacker can access a user’s personal or business social media account, causing serious financial and reputational damage. Last July, in a major Twitter cyberattack, hackers accessed celebrity accounts such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Kanye West. Criminals wrote fake Twitter messages in their names and demanded donations in cryptocurrencies. The attack damaged the victim’s reputation and endangered other Twitter users who may have paid the requested amount.

Hackers leak 5.5 million email addresses every day

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