Group Chief Customer Officer for Zurich Brand Evolution

“The environment has changed in the sense that big tech companies have changed the game. They are digital, deliver faster, understand the need for a seamless experience, and understand customer data. It confused our actions, “she said. “On the other hand, because InsurTech is a digital native, it disrupts our business. [foundation needed] It will be faster, more seamless and more attractive than us.

“Of course, they may not be as big or dominant as we are, but we need to remember the history of the destroyers who entered other industries and changed the game, such as Netflix and eBay … All we have to do is realize what’s happening around us, and don’t think we’re different because we’re an insurance company. We’re different. And as other companies set new standards, customer expectations are rising. “

Zurich wants to meet changing standards and insure so that customers don’t get disappointed, so it’s the job of actually listening to customers through culture and the work of her team. That’s why. Various projects and initiatives are being developed to drive customer engagement, each going beyond the traditional marketing message. In other words, basically send the same message to everyone.

Instead, it’s about looking for new ways to communicate with your customers that reflect what they want to see, not what the company has to offer. It’s not about pushing a message to them, but rather about getting to know them and being able to build long-standing productive relationships through mutual understanding. This is to count all interactions, and all dialogue points and contacts. This is notorious for being very difficult with insurance, as traditionally there were very few opportunities for interaction.

“There are more touchpoints for us as we build our company and our offerings to include services and preventative activities,” she said. “That is, what we are doing is redefining how we interact with our customers. We redefine who we are as a brand and what we represent. Today, we have a stronger brand purpose of “creating a bright future together.” It’s with our customers-we’re not sitting on a pedestal, we have a company here and we have customers there. We are actually participating in this together. “

Zurich wants to change the broader conversation about insurance, Culture said. Insurance is usually seen as a “disastrous” industry where conversations revolve around what went wrong, but as identified by new branding motifs, the company turns it around and insurers create it. I’m about to start promoting my abilities. Positive changes to the world around them. And practical positiveness is at the heart of this message.

This is a collective step taken throughout the Zurich business, as represented by actions led by Group CEO Mario Greco to proactively address systemic risks such as climate change and cybersecurity. She said. Insurers have also begun defining and launching a new set of customer experience criteria in-house. This will soon begin to be targeted to customers. Zurich will launch a large-scale engagement campaign at COP26 to outline the cumulative actions that anyone can take to protect the planet and stop climate change.

A core element of Zurich’s branding evolution has been the search for the right channels to share the purpose of its revitalized brand, and the message is communicated in a way that is relevant to everyone. Must be. Upgrading the visual identity of the digital age meant embracing more animation, more interactivity, and more adaptability so that people could engage through the device of their choice. ..

“Our new visual identity is illustrated by the statue. [as seen above]”The statue is made of carbon-neutral material depicting a hero of an unexplained climate. The idea is to step into the circle of people and take part in it and pledge. So it’s really about what we can all do, the little actions we can take to support a better life for future generations and protect the planet together. It’s not about pushing-it’s about drawing customers into interesting, timely, and related discussions. “

To get the dial to work and change the conversation around the brand, you really need to be sure what the brand represents, Culture said. If you want to blend in with others, you really aren’t a brand. In short, it’s about exploring what’s unique to your value proposition, where it stands out in the market, and how you can build it.

“You must be able to say,’This is us and this is why we should be your choice,'” she said. “It’s a long way to go, but as I’ve said many times, I really want to be an insurance Patagonia. Zurich symbolizes something and works on that agenda every day, so you’re really bright. If you’re focused on creating the future, we want to be the one you choose. “

Group Chief Customer Officer for Zurich Brand Evolution

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