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Church leaders are confused about how to implement the My Vaccine Pass. “We are greetings, not bouncers,” he summarizes.

Starting December 3rd, My Vaccine Pass will be available to prove that you have been double vaccinated for church worship, meetings, hospitality events, those who want to attend the gym, and those who want to take advantage of the close contact business. You will need.

Responsible for such opportunities that do not enforce vaccination requirements face fines of up to $ 15,000.

On Tuesday, Workplace Safety Minister Michael Wood announced NZPass Verifier, an app that can be used to verify the owner of My Vaccine Pass on mobile devices.

NZ Pass Verifier helps organize churches, rallies and hospitality events to prevent people who do not meet vaccination requirements from entering high-risk situations and venues under a “traffic light” system. It is designed.

However, leaders in church communities across the country have expressed concern and confusion about how to implement the My Vaccine Pass.

Church leader and general manager of Crave Café, Nigel Cottle, told RNZ that he was nervous about implementing the new system. He says he’ll take it himself to stand in front of the door to check my vaccine path.

“My hope is that people are generous to the staff as they are not their decision, but they generally have to defeat the implications of government policy that we support.”

Kotor’s concerns have been repeated by many Catholic clergy throughout the country. “We greet the front door, not the guards,” the priest told Cath News.

“We understand the seriousness of the situation, but keeping people away is against the grain.

“We have a business that welcomes people,” he said.

He is a bit critical of recent bishops’ statements and sees that some people produce different categories of mass visitors.

Another supporter of the My Vaccine passport told CathNews that it was important for the Church to change the language and understanding of the vaccinated and unvaccinated masses.

“It is important for the church to focus on the people who gather, rather than having masses for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated,” he said.

“It’s not just Mass,” he said. “Christmas is coming. Traditionally, it’s time for people to go to confession. I don’t know how social distance works in confession.

“People usually speak quietly during a confession-I don’t know how to speak quietly and what happens to face masks.

“I don’t want everyone to ask,” he said with a smile.

Another priest told Cath News that the parish had not yet heard from the parish what to do if an unvaccinated person who did not have a My Vaccine Pass wanted to join a congregation vaccinated for Misa.

“Nothing. The policy is fine, but we need to support it. If you’re done, you’ll do everything.

“What would we do if an unvaccinated person insisted on joining the congregation?

“We don’t want disagreements at the entrance to the church. We don’t want to be state police.

“What do we do?” He asked.

One priest told Cath News that if an unvaccinated person insists on joining a vaccinated group, he will consider not continuing the Mass.

“This virus doesn’t care if people are in Mass. It loves groups of people. There is a large congregation, so we need to consider the safety of the entire congregation,” he said.

The priest said he had previously discussed with the parishioners who observed that having to scan Covid’s signature and then the My Vaccine Pass would take some time to enter the church.

“I hope there are lots of Covid signs and lots of people scanning and it’s not raining,” she told the parish priest.

The priest said his parishioner chose that confusion would occur.

“There are few votes for confidence,” he said with a bitter smile.

The experience of the church ministers is repeated by Francis Tipen at the Tipen funeral.

He wonders if My Vaccine Pass and Traffic Light Rating Systems will make things easier or more difficult to make Farnau sad.

Covid has made a big difference in Tangihanga. Expecting a shift in alert levels to enable Tangihanga, we changed from storing Tupapak for a few weeks to using Waikorero with a zoom. Many people find this very difficult.

Navigating policy changes was difficult not only for them, but for the people they serve, Tipen said.

The confusion of church ministers is that both Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins need a Covid-19 vaccination pass instead of using the official app as needed by venue organizers. It states that it can be visually confirmed. However, the Ministry of Health disagrees with the need to scan vaccination paths for entry.

“Visually checking a path is not enough to allow an entry. Scanning someone’s path proves that it is genuine, valid, and has not expired.” Said the Ministry of Health on its website.

But on Wednesday, Adan was inconsistent with the Ministry of Health.

“Of course, you can see someone’s vaccine path. If you have any concerns, you can ask for ID verification if needed,” she said.

“”[The app is] It’s a useful tool to use because it gives you confidence that the path you’re seeing is actually a valid path, but it’s not required, “she said.

On Wednesday night, the government passed an “emergency” bill that seriously limits the freedom of unvaccinated people.

The bill was passed without regular parliamentary scrutiny and was criticized by government chairman Trevor Mallard.


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Greeter, not a guard-CathNewsNZ Pacific

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