Green Transport: 500 electric bikes deployed throughout London

London’s electric scooter operator TIER has partnered with Islington’s London borough to deploy 500 electric bikes in the capital.

More eco-friendly transportation in London

TIER One of London’s chosen operators in the current e-scooter trial is that its e-bike reduces congestion and pollution in the capital by encouraging Londoners to move around the city in a sustainable way. I believe it will help. The company’s deployment of electric bikes, and plans to launch a similar scheme in the near future, could help reduce reliance on cars and to all areas within ULEZ’s north and south ring roads in London. Following the recent expansion of London, it gives Londoners more choice. According to the Urban Transport Group, an assessment of electric bike schemes across the European continent usually found that about half of electric bike trips were replaced by car trips.

It will be launched after the successful introduction of TIER’s electric bicycles in European cities such as Paris and Eindhoven, and in the United Kingdom held in York last April.

TIER’s London electric bikes are initially available from the Islington parking lot and cost £ 1 to unlock and £ 0.15 per minute for the same price as an electric scooter. Regular riders, such as those using electric bikes for full or partial commuting, can benefit from day and monthly passes.

Successful Series D Financing

News comes from behind the successful Series D TIER Financing RoundHas raised $ 200 million with a $ 2 billion valuation to solidify its position as Europe’s most well-funded micromobility company. This week, TIER CEO Lawrence Royschner donated all of the business’s shares to a non-economically beneficial cause of sustainability and, at the invitation of Transport Minister Grant Shaps, to transport the world at COP26 in Glasgow. I addressed the minister.

Georgia Yexley, Head of Cities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said:

“At TIER, we are passionate about reducing emissions and improving air quality in cities across Europe. Electric bikes encourage people to abandon their cars and switch to more environmentally friendly transportation. We know that we can play an important role in encouraging.

“After a successful introduction in York this year, we are really excited to bring the e-bike to London. The ULEZ will expand and more about how Londoners can travel sustainably. As we are thinking, we want to give them active, sustainable, accessible and affordable options for moving around the city. “

James Scott, Director of Behavior Change & Development at Cycling UK, said:

“We are pleased that the arrival of TIER’s electric bike service in Islington has increased access to shared bike services in the capital. Essential for improving quality and congestion. “

Cllr Rowena, Champion of the Islington Council for Environment and Transportation, said: “We continue to work tirelessly to help tackle climate emergencies by making Islington a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and healthier place to live.

“By providing more sustainable transportation, we can make it a safe and easy place for everyone, including about 70% of Islington households who do not own a car.

“When TIER’s electric bike service arrives in Islington, we will be able to move the autonomous region in another eco-friendly, convenient and fun way. We look forward to the opportunity for locals to take advantage of them. “

Green Transport: 500 electric bikes deployed throughout London

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