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Minister of Social Development Carmel Seproni welcomed the release of benefit statistics for the June quarter. This shows that the number of people receiving the main benefits is declining continuously.

“This government’s plan to increase work-focused support for job seekers has been successful,” said Carmel Seproni.

“In the June quarter, all benefits fell by 11,193, with 354,744 currently receiving main benefits and 110,790 job seekers’ employment preparation allowances.

“Most of this fall is behind another big month for those who lose profits and get jobs. About 31,240 people left profits for work in the previous quarter. This is the beginning of the record. The second most people have found a job since.

“The statistics released today are contrary to the seasonal trend of higher benefits, usually in the June quarter. The magnitude of the June quarter decline is an important milestone in the recovery from COVID-19.

“We’ve managed to get the recently unemployed back to work, but today’s statistics are pleased that nearly 10,000 people who have benefited for more than a year found a job in the June quarter. is.”

“Our recovery is to create jobs and get New Zealanders back to work, but we also work with the industry to ensure that companies have the skills they need.

“Most successful programs include Flexi-Wage, which has employed 4,782 people since its expansion in February, and Apprenticeship Boost, which currently supports the trade of 30,031 people.

“I was particularly impressed with the results of the Mayor’s Employment Task Force, which created 1,326 sustainable full-time jobs across New Zealand’s region.

“Currently there are jobs in the market. We continue to focus on supporting as many New Zealanders as possible. Beyond our previous budget, we focus on work case management. We have invested heavily in the initiative.

  • Budget 2019’s 263 new frontline staff will help people work.
  • Invested $ 150 million in budget 2020 to help people get jobs
  • The 2021 budget invested an additional $ 99 million in work-focused case management and services.
  • Invested $ 86 million to maintain staff focused on additional frontline work hired through COVID-19.

“I recommend that any company looking for a worker contact MSD. There are subsidies available to support employee training costs,” said Carmel Sepuloni.


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Government Initiatives Help Reduce Benefits |

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