Government Advances Anti-Terrorism Act |

The government has introduced anti-terrorism legislation aimed at increasing its ability to respond to a wider range of terrorist activities.

The bill strengthens New Zealand’s anti-terrorism legislation, enabling early intervention and prevention of harm with appropriate legislative tools.

“This is the first step of the government to implement the Royal Commission’s Recommendation 18 on a terrorist attack on Christchurch’s Masjidyne on March 15, 2019, to ensure that it is appropriate. We called for a review of all laws related to New Zealand’s anti-terrorism efforts-to enable purposeful and effective public sector agencies to operate effectively, “said Justice Minister Kris Faafoi.

“The crime committed against members of our Islamic community on March 15th, two years ago, brought terrorism to the country in a way we have never seen before.

“I am grateful for the deep sorrows of families and communities who have lost their loved ones, and those who have been injured or seriously injured.

“This attack also reflects how the nature of terrorism is changing internationally, involving lone actors rather than organized terrorist groups. Our law responds. We need to be able to do it, “said Chris Farfoy.

The bill amends the Terrorism Control Act of 2002 and the Terrorism Control (Management Order) Act of 2019. The proposed changes include:

  • Make amendments to clarify the definition of “act of terrorism”.
  • Create a new crime that criminalizes planning or preparing for terrorist acts.
  • Create new crimes to more clearly criminalize terrorist weapons and combat training.
  • Create a new crime for traveling abroad to carry out terrorist activities.
  • Expand terrorist funding criminal offenses and include broader forms of physical support.And
  • Extend the eligibility of control orders to include individuals who have completed imprisonment for terrorism-related crimes if they continue to present the actual risks of engaging in terrorism-related activities.

Once the bill is read first, the next step is for the Judiciary Selection Committee to request public submission of the bill.

“I encourage everyone to comment on this important law,” said Chris Farfoy.

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Government Advances Anti-Terrorism Act |

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