Glucose “tattoo” can track blood sugar levels in diabetics

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Friday, June 4th (HealthDay News)-In the future Diabetes May be able to monitor their blood sugar Level using glucose “”tattoo.. “

This new type of continuous blood glucose monitor relies on fluorescent nanoparticle ink injected under the skin to detect blood. sugar According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is developing new technology, it is a level where a monitor smaller than the size of a watch is worn on the skin.

Glucose “tattoo“The ink is made from carbon nanotubes that can reflect infrared rays and return them from the skin to the monitor. This new device has the potential to free people. Diabetes You may need to stab your finger multiple times daily and replace your continuous blood glucose monitoring device every 3-7 days to track your blood glucose.

“Carbon nanotubes can fluoresce in infrared light and decorate tubes to fluoresce in response to glucose,” explains Michael Strano, associate professor at MIT. did.

“When you shine a light on a nanotube, it returns at a different wavelength than a clock-type diode that can tell you how much glucose is around you,” Strano said.

He said the actual monitor worn on the skin would probably be smaller than the watch size, depending on the size of the battery. “If technology continues to shrink at its current speed, it’s probably smaller than a watch,” he said.

Currently, most people Type 1 diabetes You need to stab your finger up to 12 times a day to assess your blood sugar. The latest technology, continuous glucose monitoring, requires the placement of a small glucose sensor embedded in the skin, which should be replaced every 3-7 days. These devices Finger stick At least several times a day. The biggest advantage these devices offer is Diabetes Find out if their blood sugar is on the rise or down.

Why this is important Type 1 diabetes You should try to maintain normal blood sugar levels as much as possible. If your blood sugar is too low, Diabetes Can enter comaAnd you can even die if you don’t do anything to raise your blood sugar. Also, if the blood sugar level is too high, the eyes, kidneys, heart, May be damaged.

“Most of the damage caused by diabetes occurs in a short period of time when glucose spikes out of normal range. Intervention and prevention of these spikes can mitigate many of the effects of this harmful disease,” Strano said. Says.

According to Strano, researchers are currently experimenting with nanoparticles in animals, so what are the side effects? Allergies A reaction may occur. “We are moving cautiously,” he said.

“Everyone is looking for a painless way to monitor their blood sugar levels. This technique sounds good, but I’m not sure if it works. From here to reality, with many steps Research is needed, “says Dr. Joel. Zonzein, director of the Clinical Diabetes Center at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

In addition, he said that there is always the potential for adverse reactions to what is placed in the body. “Our cells hate foreign bodies. Already, immune cells are trying to reject continuous blood glucose monitor sensors and fibrosis very carefully. [form scar tissue] Around that. “

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Source: Michael Strano, Ph.D., Charles and Hilda Roddey, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Joel Zonszein, MD, Professor, Clinical Medicine, and Director, Clinical Diabetes Center, Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein Medical College, New York City

Glucose “tattoo” can track blood sugar levels in diabetics

Source link Glucose “tattoo” can track blood sugar levels in diabetics

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