Global expansion and re -brand of an insurance company

Aventum Group started a small UK retailer called Direct Insurance Agency, which Bearman founded on the 18th in 1996. He wanted to become a developer, but “failed in the insurance industry. “and, after college, it’s over. in maintaining the brokerage. He remembers that time as “pre-Google, pre-laptop time,” when he used the Yellow Pages to keep customers informed about the new days.

Although the company has taken on a new name and has come a long way from its “low start,” Bearman and his team feel their work has begun.

“We didn’t have a forethought,” he said of starting his career. “We just knew we had to work hard at it. We’re a service industry and that’s the core of the industry and that.

Over the years, among the highlights of Aventum’s development has been global expansion and rebranding in 2021. The latter is expected to bring in a number of businesses – such as specialty advertising and underwriting services – “under one company, one company, one knowledge”. This design works “from a customer and market perspective,” he said, because it allows him to see more of the specifics of Novus, Consilium and Rokstone businesses.

In addition to the difficulty of finding and maintaining customers, running the business remotely is another difficult responsibility for Bearman and his company.

“I’ve always believed in leading from the front, in the office and with your people,” he said. “It’s even harder when you have 15 places in the whole world. But we try, if possible, to communicate daily and weekly with each department, all stakeholders.

Bearman said the work schedule is good at promoting the speed and openness of employees to various forms of communication, such as Zoom phones.

“But you always have problems [in terms of] different management environments, different nuances are seen in local markets, ”he adds.“ Our design from an underwriting perspective always goes to the forefront. We see the best teams of underwriters and we build an office around them.

Despite work -related problems and illness, Bearman sees exciting times before Aventum continues to explore new markets and countries.

For those who are looking to start their own business, she has a simple advice: “Be strong. You see, it didn’t work the first time. Maybe not do it a second time, but don’t give up.

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Global expansion and re -brand of an insurance company

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