GENIE announces upgraded products to brands and agencies after the rapid growth of 2021

Following the rapid growth of 2021 to meet the evolving creative landscape needs, GENIE today launched GENIE.OS, a brand new talent management system that further facilitates fast and flexible access to the best pools. , Announces the next stage of growth. -Creative spectrum Talent within the entire class.

After the success of its flagship pay-as-you-go automated talent agent, GENIE.OS is now fully able to monitor and control the management of freelance talent through a competitive subscription pricing model. An ever-evolving creative landscape. The new features are:

  • Access live data dashboards to enable strategic decisions such as how to attract talent compared to competitors and whether to increase or decrease the percentage of talent compared to working with competitors.
  • Automate IR35 compliance and payment processing, reducing the number of managers managed by employers.
  • An automated feedback system for all the people GENIE engages in ensures that the company fulfills its duty of care.
  • Onboarding VIP talents of known talents by GENIE.OS clients. Make it easier and more controllable to work with your favorite talents.
  • There is a tier based on the total spending of freelancers with a fixed monthly fee for using GENIE.

This move continues GENIE’s growth period as the creative industry continues to abandon the model of talent ownership and centralized work, instead focusing on accessing the right people at the right time. increase. In 2021, GENIE played more than 13,000 matches, saving more than 6,500 hours of resources for hiring companies when hiring freelance talent for search, booking, paperwork and more. In addition to the existing pool of creative, design, business and strategic talent, production and social talent has also been added to the platform, allowing companies to manage the entire end-to-end communication process through GENIE.

GENIE.OS is currently used by major creative agencies and brands such as Saatchi & Saatchi (Publicis Groupe), Virtue (VICE), BMB, 72 & Sunny, Berghaus and has access to over 1,200 bests-Sainsburys 1914 Christmas Truce, A talent member in the class famous for works such as H & M Beckham and Lucozade Condition Zone. The shortest time to adopt in a short time was only 7 minutes with Virtue (VICE).

GENIE Chairman, Sir John Hegarty, Comment: “I often said that from the beginning of time, humanity has always been obsessed with speed and access. With the launch of GENIE.OS, companies are probably the most in the world at the push of a button. Get the key to a great creative department. With strong data insights, GENIE.OS puts creative enterprises at the forefront and makes strategic decisions to set the stage for creative prosperity. I can.”

GENIE, co-founder, Nicky Badenoch, Comment: “GENIE.OS is empowering tomorrow’s creative companies. Uncompromising but agile people who are interested in talent and want to work with the best creative mind. With GENIE.OS , Companies have everything. Unmatched access to talent and data that enables them to make better strategic decisions than ever before. “

Jason Kobold, CEO of BMB London, Comment: “GENIE has become a central part of how to find talent to solve a client’s creative challenges. GENIE has an interesting mind in an interesting place while minimizing the hassle. We continue to be amazed at the ability to connect us to. Every ambitious creative agency needs GENIE. “

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GENIE announces upgraded products to brands and agencies after the rapid growth of 2021

Source link GENIE announces upgraded products to brands and agencies after the rapid growth of 2021

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