Genetic testing helps sort out bacterial and viral infections

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Wednesday, September 17 (HealthDay News)-New genetic test to distinguish viruses from viruses Bacterial infectious disease Can help you fight Antibiotic resistance New research quickly detects new illnesses.

NS Immune system Responses to fighting viral or bacterial infections are different, and these differences are evident at the genetic level.

This new blood test detects specific genetic signatures that the human immune system expresses in response. virusSaid a researcher at Duke University Medical Center.

They evaluated a test of 102 people and found that they were more than 90% accurate in distinguishing between viruses. Bacterial infectious disease According to a study published in the September 18 issue of the journal, in people with respiratory illness Scientific translation medicine..

The findings bring the test closer to clinical use, which can help patients receive faster diagnosis and treatment while reducing unnecessary use of antibiotics that do not act on viral infections, researchers say. I did.

“In the case of a pandemic, etc. influenza Or for coronaviruses that occur in the Middle East, it is very important to diagnose viral diseases much more accurately and quickly than using traditional diagnostics, “a professor of medicine said in a Duke news release.

Current tests rely on evidence of microorganisms in the patient’s blood and require knowledge of that particular bug to detect it.The new test does not have these limitations and can be used to detect new diseases with potential potential Bioterrorism Threat, according to news release.

“This is important as well as a viral pandemic whose infection can be caused by an unknown. virus But even in routine care, where the decision to treat with antibiotics is paramount, “the study’s lead author, Dr. Amy Saas, an associate professor of infectious diseases and international health, said in a news release. ..

Researchers say they are planning a large study and are trying to reduce the time it takes to get test results. Currently, the test takes 12 hours.

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Source: Duke University Medical Center, News Release, September 18, 2013

Genetic testing helps sort out bacterial and viral infections

Source link Genetic testing helps sort out bacterial and viral infections

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