Game Review: Doom 3: VR Edition (PSVR)

Bethesda continues to provide great support for virtual reality games by introducing another back catalog to the PlayStation VR. This time, Skyrim, Fallout 4, And that Destiny Reboot, it’s Id’s original turn Fate 3 Gets the added dimension.

While Destiny Reboot and its follow-up, Doom Eternal Back in 2004, continue to excite fans of first-person shooters Fate 3 It wasn’t an over-the-top action, it was a horror of a more chilling corridor.

Have already played a modified version of Fate 3 In PC VR, I knew this would be very different from Bethesda’s other wall-to-wall actions. Destiny VR game with a subtle name Doom VFR.

Fate 3 Set in a colony of Mars, uber-corporation, Union Aerospace Corporation, or UAC is no longer useful. After UAC opens a portal to hell, the outpost is flooded with zombies and demons. And it’s up to the player to get rid of the problem.

Corridor Fate 3 It works well in VR and gives the player a real immersive feeling. The linear level is also a VR experience that I’ve lost a few times, but isn’t too confusing.

This game has the usual comfort settings for VR beginners and those who are hungry. The turn can be set to snap into place or turn continuously. You also have the option to vignette the view while rotating. As usual, I set it to smooth movement without vignette.

compared to Doom VFR And in almost every other VR game, I felt a little sick after playing for a long time.The room may have been a little hot or moved a little too slowly Doom VFR..

There are many weapons. Destiny trademark. The actual shooting is from a pair of bodyless hands holding the weapon in front of you.

I connected the PSVR to the PlayStation 5 and played the game using the PS4 DualShock controlled (PS5 controller does not work on PSVR) and PS4 camera (using PS5 adapter). I don’t like to be “immersed” in VR pointing and reaching for things. The PS4 controller gave me a little movement to point the weapon around the cover without much confusion.

Rather surprisingly, the PlayStation Move controller is not supported. This is probably because there is no teleport move option (I hate it in VR games). The PlayStation Aim controller is supported and works pretty well, but it’s a good idea to stand while using this controller.

The visuals are from the game almost 10 years ago.They look poor compared to something like Doom VFR And even Skyrim VR (The original game is a similar vintage). All the characters look a little “potato” with a small head and overly wide shoulders. But don’t worry about the fidelity of the visuals. Fate 3 It looks fine in VR, but it adds more depth than it makes up for the graphical shortcomings. The low spec graphics also mean that the game works very well on the PSVR.

Doom 3 VR Edition Right there Resident Evil VII Regarding VR jump scare. The VR immersive feeling of the game extends to hearing the shuffle sound approaching the zombies. Just astonished by another creature coming from behind, it peaked nervously around the corner.Grumpy lights, creepy corridors, and demons appearing out of nowhere Fate 3: VR version It’s not a game for the timid.

In addition to the original campaign, the VR package includes expansion packs for the original game Evil resurrection And bonus expansion, Lost mission, From the remaster Doom 3 BFG Edition.. Of course, both of these can be played in VR.

Fate 3 It was highly evaluated at that time.Technological advances in character modeling and lighting have made the game the first “modern” Destiny.. The re-release of the game in 2012 is proof of this. These visuals may not be cutting edge anymore, but they still look pretty good, especially when you’re immersed in VR. Budget price tags also mean that you get a lot of PlayStation VR fun for money.

If you’re a fan of horror and VR shooters, this is one of the PS VR games you shouldn’t miss.

Verdict: 8/10

Game Review: Doom 3: VR Edition (PSVR)

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