Game of Thrones actor hospitalized in Covid-19

Caption: Sam Coleman (Photo: SWNS; HBO)

game of Thrones Actor Sam Coleman was hospitalized after being infected with Covid-19.

Coleman, a worker Rosa district councilor in Sidley, East Sussex, and the youngest member of the council, needed to take oxygen and treat with a CPAP machine.

The 25-year-old was admitted to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings on November 20 after a positive coronavirus test on November 14.

Coleman confirmed that he had received the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the next day he shared and posted the test results, writing:

‘[I] I was positive last night, but today I experienced all the movements except dyspnea (temperature fluctuations, weakness, loss of taste, headaches, this terrible cough, etc.).

“Let’s hope it stays that way,” he concludes.

Sam Coleman was treated for Covid at East Sussex Hospital (Photo: SWNS)
Coleman clearly talked about his experience in the hospital (Photo: SWNS).

Unfortunately, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized for a lung infection.

“About that positive test …” he shared with his followers a few days later. “I’m in the hospital and oxygen is being pumped into my lungs.

“I wish I could give it a positive spin, but that’s pretty s ** t, oops. Keep it safe.”

After spending a few days connecting to an oxygen concentrator and wearing an oxygen mask, the actor was released from the hospital and returned home on November 26th.

Coleman, who played a younger version of Hodor in the blockbuster television series, said his hospitalization was scary, but praised the work of the NHS staff who took care of him.

Coleman played Hodor as seen in the flashback (Photo: HBO)

Game of Thrones was his first acting gig in 2016, and since then he has appeared in Leatherface, the prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, playing a mentally confused Bad.

Talking about his role in Game of Thrones, he Bexhill Observer 2017:’I’m a big fan of the show and I didn’t expect to be able to attend, but I did. This was one of the best experiences in my life.

“I was also humble when the director Jack Bender asked me to make the character’s seizures as realistic as possible, which allowed more people to be aware of the seizures. rice field.

“Because some of my family members have epilepsy, I tried to use my knowledge of epilepsy and other conditions to create something identifiable despite the fantastic nature of time travel.”

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Game of Thrones actor hospitalized in Covid-19

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