Gabriel Salazar car accident: TikTok star dies after police chase

Gabriel Salazar died in an accident on Sunday (Photo: Instagram)

Ticktaku Star Gabriel Salazar died in a severe car accident after being involved in police chase, officials said.

Earlier this week Salazar died in a car accident at the age of 19 Sunday in San Antonio, Texas, after friends and social media stars posted compliments and the GoFundMe page was launched to support Salazar’s family.

A fatal accident on September 26 killed a driver and all three passengers at the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, according to a statement from the Zabara County Security Office. Salazar was driving.

At around 1:20 am on Sunday, an adjutant said, “I heard a Crystal City police officer start a traffic stop on US Highway 83,” and CCPD police officers were heading north on Highway 83. He said he was actively tracking the white Chevrolet Camaro. Towards Laplier.

The lieutenant tried to deploy a tire bleeder, but “failed.”

The adjutant said he later heard CCPD police advise that the vehicle had rolled over and was completely in flames.

Texas Highway Patrol Statement Obtained by E! According to the news, “The vehicle hit some trees, made several turns, and the vehicle ignited.”

Four people were sentenced to death at the scene.

19 years old was driving (Photo: Instagram)

In addition to 19-year-old Salazar, passengers were identified as Jose Luis Jimenez Mora (41), Jose Molina Lara (23) and Sergio Espinoza Flores (36).

The three men were Mexican citizens.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating a crash.

Salazar posted under TikTok’s handle @gabenotbabe and has gained 2.2 million followers since joining the platform in 2019.

Founded by friend Chris Vasquez, GoFundMe has raised over $ 38,000 (£ 28,000) for Salazar’s family so far.

The fund-raising activity states as follows. [sic] In a car accident on September 26th, we couldn’t believe it the moment we found it. I don’t want to go into details because it’s hard to even talk about the pain he experienced. I didn’t expect this to happen, but now you are watching over us.

“Gabriel loved his family and was always wandering around with her sister and brother. He was always there with a big hug and a smile, and his family never forgets those warm moments. He was very entertaining with a quiet sense of humor and sarcasm. I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing this. How about this real life?

“We can’t verbally describe the broken heart that our entire community feels from the loss of our Gabriel. Your family and friends miss you.

“We are looking for help with his family. There is time to escape from too much work and funeral expenses for his family to pay. Consider donations and at least the sadness and tension of his parents. Please help me to relieve.

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Gabriel Salazar car accident: TikTok star dies after police chase

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