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A 21-year-old producer of YouTube comedian Friendly jordies has been charged with stalking and threatening Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro.

In response to a complaint from Barillaro, a detective in a fixed-person unit of the New South Wales Police Force arrested Cristoranker at his parents’ home in Dulwich Hill on June 4, “physical or mental harm. He was charged with two charges of “stem or menacing” intended to cause fear of.

The arrest represents a dramatic escalation of tensions between Jordan Shanks’ Friendlyjordies Youtube Channel and Barillaro, Sue for defamation In a series of videos blaming him for corruption. Barillaro says the video is “sneaky and racist.”

Langker’s lawyer, Xenophon Davis, criticized the arrest and described the use of the fixed person’s unit as follows: Work on the extremists of lonely actors Three years after the siege of Lindt Cafe, it was “shocking.”

They also claimed that Ranker’s mother had been assaulted during his arrest, criticizing “totally extreme” bail conditions that prohibited clients from possessing images and caricatures of Barillaro, or his “personal”. “Appearance and behavior” was commented.

The criminal accusation is related to two encounters that Ranker encountered with Barillaro.

The first incident is said to have happened in the politics of Macquarie University at the pub event that the Deputy Prime Minister was talking about.

According to police, Shanks, dressed as the video game character Luigi, approached Barillaro, introduced Ranker as a lawyer, and shouted, “Why are you suing us, why are you suing us?”

According to police, Shanks eventually responded to the request to leave the country, but Ranker reportedly “quarreled with several people trying to get closer to Hong.” Mr. Barillaro “.

According to court documents, he repeated, “Why are you trying to sue us, John, why are you trying to sue us?”

Barillaro later complained to the police.

The second incident is said to have occurred just hours before Ranker’s arrest.

According to police, Barillaro Rugby league immortal funeral Bob Fulton of Sydney, when Ranker approaches him and begins to ask:

“Deputy Prime Minister, why are you suing my boss?”

Barillaro boarded his car when Ranker was alleged to continue shooting and asking questions. After that, Barillaro was driven away.

The police version is being strongly contested by Ranker’s lawyer, who said the video of the case “doesn’t seem to match the police facts.”

They show that their vision, as claimed, is that Ranker is not tracking Barillaro 200 meters, saying, “Deputy Prime Minister, why are you suing my boss?” I didn’t say it. Or call him “corrupted”.

Police said Ranker’s actions constitute harassment of Barillaro.

They issued a violent order arrested on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister.

“The accused friendly Jordy’s actions and the open house of the friendly Jordy’s media platform have left the victim constantly anxious and afraid of him and his family. [sic]”The police said in a statement of facts.

“Due to the public reach and aggressive nature of the Friendly Jordy’s Media Platform, his publicly-positioned victims have been harassed by Friendly Jordy’s followers.”

Mark Davis, a partner of Xenophon Davis, believes Shanks has also been issued a warrant and said he “may be at risk of imminent arrest.”

Davis accused police of his arrest and said police had pushed Ranker’s mother and injured her girlfriend.

“I was injured and traumatized.”

Video of the arrest taken by Ranker’s family seems to indicate that a 21-year-old child is trying to give his cell phone to his mother while police are preparing to take him out of the house.

Before the police say, there is a ruckus, a blurred view, and the screams of “Oh my god” and “Jesus Christ.” “They are trying to run away with evidence. Don’t run away with evidence.”

Then you can hear the voice of a woman. “You hurt a 51-year-old woman. You beat me.”

Police officers said he “stumbled” and urged the woman to answer: You pushed me down. You hit me. You hit me. “

The officer said: We told you to hand over the phone, you handed it over to her. I stumbled upon you, it happened. “

Ranker’s mother is believed to complain about the incident.

The Guardian sought comment from Barillaro’s office and New South Wales Police on Sunday night.

NSW police confirmed that they had arrested a 21-year-old man at Dulwich Hill on June 4.

“”[He] He was taken to the Newtown police station and charged with stalking. “

“Police allege a crime at Macquarie University on Monday, April 19 and in Sydney on Friday, June 4. He has strict conditions to appear in the Newtown District Court on June 24. I was granted bail. “

Police did not comment on the alleged assault.

Barillaro’s office did not respond.

Friendly jordies producer accused of stalking John Barilaro | New South Wales Politics

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