Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with Centaurs

Mobility is very important to Tanni Grey-Thompson, but so is innovation and beautiful design.that’s why she’s an ambassador Centaur Roboticscreator of the award-winning Centaur.

During her sporting career, Tani Gray Thompson has won 16 Paralympic medals (including 11 gold), 12 World Championship medals, and won the London Wheelchair Marathon six times. Since Tunney became her lifelong companion in 2010, elite competition at her level has taken over issues surrounding equality, disability rights, welfare reform (and, of course, sport). increase.


Innovation in the world of mobility is another passion. Tanni introduced the two-wheeled auto-balancing earlier this year when he saw the Centaur test drive and now can’t wait to try it out for himself.

“I think what Centaurs offers is a really beautiful looking product that people feel comfortable with and are happy to sit on and use,” enthuses Tanni. “It feels like a beautifully designed product instead of an ugly mobility product.

“People don’t want to feel that their chair is the biggest part of them. They want to feel that their chair is all around them.” Not being able to see much of it is very important.”

tunny is an ambassador Centaur Robotics, developed the award-winning Centaur. She was impressed with her vehicle’s maneuverability and her ability to turn with its footprint. This represents significant savings for people who previously had to remodel their homes or widen doorways to accommodate traditional wheelchairs.


“You don’t have to do a three-point turn and you don’t need a ton of space,” Tanni emphasizes. “It’s only when you see it in action that you realize what it can do for people.”

Centaur Robotics

When the Centaur turns on the 6pence, the seat rises to level with other users and fit in the space of the dining room chairs.

“Centaurs can give people the freedom to do what they want, when they want, in their own environment,” Tani adds. “It gives them something really powerful and empowering.”

Centaur won the guest innovation category at the April 2022 Blue Badge Access Awards. Judge Michael Vermeersch, Digital Inclusion Lead for Microsoft UK, described it as “a solution to regain independence”.

You can now pre-order your Centaur online for next year’s delivery. The deposit is refundable for just £100. Go to:

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