“Foot” for pet safety this fall

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 (HealthDay News)-Autumn is a great time to take your four-legged friends outdoors, but pets can be at risk as the seasons change.

Pet owners need to be aware of the following risks and take steps to keep their animals safe, ASPCA says.

  • Rodent poison. More homeowners use rat and rat venom in the fall as these rodents try to move indoors to keep them warm. These poisons are also toxic to pets and can be fatal. Rodenticide users should keep these poisons out of the reach of pets.
  • mushroom. Most mushrooms are harmless, but about 1% are highly toxic and can be fatal to pets. It is very difficult to tell the difference between a toxic mushroom and a non-toxic mushroom. ASPCA advises pet owners to keep their pets away from where mushrooms grow.
  • Snake. Pets are at increased risk of snakebites in the fall as snakes prepare for hibernation. Pet owners should be aware of the types of snakes that live nearby and keep their pets away from potential reptile harbors.
  • Engine coolant. Antifreeze is very toxic to pets. Spills containing ethylene glycol-based coolant should be cleaned immediately to prevent pets from licking. Pet owners can also consider using a less toxic propylene glycol-based coolant.
  • School supplies. As schools move to high gear, children tend to stock up on items such as glue sticks, pencils, and magic markers. Although these items are not very toxic to pets, they can cause digestive problems when ingested by animals. Pack all school supplies and keep them out of the reach of animals.

-Mary Elizabeth Dallas

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Source: ASPCA, News Release, September 2016

“Foot” for pet safety this fall

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