First colon cancer screening may be beneficial for older people

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014 (HealthDay News)-Colonoscopy in certain older people who have never been screened is a cost-effective way to improve their health while extending their lifespan a bit. There is a possibility.

Findings that rely on statistical predictions are not definitive. Still, according to a survey, “Colorectal cancer Screening should be considered well beyond the age of 75 in the elderly without prior screening. ” He is a scientific researcher in the Department of Public Health at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The problem is three types of tests: ColonoscopyA similar test called; SigmoidoscopyA stool immunochemical test in which a stool sample is tested for symptoms in the laboratory Bloody stool.. Only colonoscopy allows doctors to remove potentially dangerous polyps during the procedure.Follow up if other tests show signs of problems Colonoscopy is necessary.

“The guidelines recommend a common misconception. Colorectal cancer Screening for all individuals over the age of 75. ” In fact, US guidelines do not recommend regular screening only if people over the age of 75 have already undergone regular negative screening after the age of 50, according to background information. In this study.

“None of the current guidelines address the screening suitability of people over the age of 75 without previous screening,” van Hees said. He said there are estimated 4 million people in the United States who fall into that category.

In a new study, van Hees et al. Used statistical analysis, Colorectal polyp cancer For various simulated groups of elderly people between the ages of 76 and 90. We then predicted what would happen if the simulated group underwent different types of screening tests.

“This is the method that has been used to look up questions about the tests that we provide to the population when actual data is not available.” Digestive disease At Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, who is familiar with research. “You create a model, assume a lot and get it done. It’s not a real study of real people.”

The survey results are cancer Value up to 86 years for people without major health problems who have not previously been screened, such as colonoscopy up to 83 years, sigmoidoscopy up to 84 years, stool test up to 85 or 86 years It remains cost-effective.

In terms of lifespan, “in healthy individuals aged 76 years who have not been pre-screened, screening colonoscopy extends lifespan by an average of 36 days,” Van Heath said. “This effect is reduced by 26 days at age 80, 13 days at age 85, and only 5 days at age 90. For individuals with poor life expectancy, the benefits of screening are significantly diminished.”

The researchers adjusted the statistics to account for the high risk of side effects of colonoscopy. “I tried to explain the unpleasant nature of colonoscopy, assuming that every two days of colonoscopy would result in a loss of quality of life,” Van Hess said. I didn’t expect the burden to increase with age. “

Carr-Locke praised the study and said it was appropriate to screen older people. Colorectal polyp cancer, Especially when they are healthy. “Many people in their 80s are very healthy and healthy and demand screening. We are willing to do that,” he said.

This study was published in the June 3 issue. Annual report of internal medicine..

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Source: Frank van Hees, M.Sc. , Scientific Researcher, Faculty of Public Health, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. David Carr-Locke, MD, Director of Gastroenterological Diseases, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City. June 3, 2014, Annual report of internal medicine

First colon cancer screening may be beneficial for older people

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